Jos Killings And The Other Bloody Fields

Yesterday I did a Facebook posting on the weekend killings of persons said to be travelling to Ondo and Ekiti State, after attending a religious event. I was distraught by some of the comments that followed as it reflected the tragedy we all have found ourselves as Nigerians.

I really feel sad that I am living in a nation where lives of himans don’t mean anything. That we condemn the heinous crime of unprovoked attacks on innocent persons does not in anyway mean we care less for other attacks that have led to the death of.many in of our nation.
For some of us that have lived past our two and half scores of our lives, and still counting, we have found ourselves in an inscrutable situation where our humanity is being assaulted on a daily basis due to failures of the state.
Irigwe communities in Plateau state before now came under unceasing assaults by killers. Much as there have been outcries over these attacks and the need to tackle the matter, the security forces did dismally little to halt these attacks.
Within four days of these recorded attacks of over five Irigwe communities, hundreds of homes and fast acres of farmlands were destroyed. In all these, loud silence was the reaction of government as the security forces pretended as if nothing was happening.
Then Saturday came, and travellers from Bauchi met their deaths in Jos. All hell was set loose and the sleeping security forces spring up to their agility. Within few hours after this heinous and despicable act, the police came.up with their findings just as they alleged that the killers were Irigwe youth militia.

I am yet to understand the rationale behind the police disclosure of the ethnic and religious identities of the perpetrators and victims. it is strange that despite months of attacks on Irigwe communities, the police have never issued a statement or identify those behind attacks on these vulnerable communities.
On a day the Irigwe community was engaged in burying their lost ones, the security forces could not fathom the need to need up security along Rukuba area leading to Miango that could.turn out a potential area of danger. The security personnel simply sleep untill what happened on Rukuba road took place. What a sad event!

The inability of security forces to tackle headlong monsters of insecurity is responsible for this recurring deaths and destruction. One is sure that if the security forces had reined in the activities of these murderers, Saturday’s tragedy would have been avoided.

Now that Plateau state is about caving in to another round of insecurity, there is need to be cautious and avoid any act capable of flaring tension. What Jos on Saturday was an avoidable.tragedy if only the security forces were on ground to curtail those who took the laws in their hands. However, because the killings in Irigwe land had gone unnoticed by the security forces, it was just a matter of time.for some devious characters to take the law in their hands.

Untill we accept that murderers are neither Christians or Muslims, we shall continue to miss the point in tackling security confronting us as a people.

Just last Tuesday, we were travelling to one of the North-eastern states for an assignment. We had a flat tyre in the middle of nowhere. Several cars and villagers stopped to offer help. When it all seemed fixing the car won’t be possible, a Nigerian offered to take me to another village about 26 kilometres .
After getting a mechanic to to the zone of nowhere to assist pulled out the tyre, it proved an impossible. With the approaching dusk, we quickly took the decision to ride on the punctured tyre, while the mechanic who rode on motorcycle for over 40 minutes followed us to the next village.
In a period when our humanity have been divided along ethnic and religious inclinations, the affection and concerns shown by these Nigerians were exceptional. If not for their concerns, our journey would have been a sordid tale.

While trying to assist pull us away from our dilemma, they were not interested in in our religion or ethnicity. They were interested in our humanity. That is why I agree with former military President Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida who recently declared that we have been turned into victims of the ruling elite.

As Thomas Paine once said, “If there must be trouble, let it come in my day, so that my child shall have peace. As a nation, we are most challenged in standing for humanity because of the failure of the state to protect us from the wickedness and bloodthirsty nature of coldblooded murderers. We must never allow ourselves to be deceived by those whose happiness is always found in our collective tragedy.

We are sure living in a surreal but physical world of barbaric display of wickedness that has never been seen and experienced in Nigeria. If governance has been reduced to lamentations and issuance of press statements, then we are all done for.

Those who unleashed attacks on Irigwe communities and other zones of death are not more righteous than than the monstering characters that attacked the Jos travellers. As much as there is no justification for this avoidable bloodshed, the law should have taken its course.

When we endorse criminal acts; it comes back to hunt and hound us. The act of revenge does not remove the pains of loss but infuriate and aggregate the sense of loss with yet another fury for more vengeance.
If we ever hope of coming out of this Plato’s cave of hopelessness and despair, then we as Nigerians must see ourselves in every one of us. I am deeply pained by the dogs of war that have been unleashed on us just as Iam persuaded beyond reasonable doubt that our security forces have not done enough to secure the innocent from the trappings of the wicked.

Government should stop every other project and focus on securing the lives of citizens that are daily wasted by these demons of deaths. President Buhari should step out and tackle this flood of bloodshed. Let no one tell me such and such happened in the past. That was why Gen Buhari was elected in 2015 to put a stop to this madness.
May God help our leaders to do the right thing and not deny their children the blessings Nigeria gave them.
God, turn this darkness away from our land!

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