Nigerian Youths Can Achieve Greatness If They Concentrate More On Good Governance–Senator Babafemi Ojudu

The special adviser to the president on political matters, Senator Babafemi Ojudu has called on Nigerian youths to desist from peddling fake news and promoting hate amongst themselves on social media, instead they should channel their effort entrenching unity and peaceful coexistence.

He made this known at the presentation of a book tilted ‘Politics That Works’ on October 4, 2021 at the Nigeria Army Resource Center, Asokoro.

According to him, he explained that this is the time for the new generation to fight!
” You are fighting hard on the social media. Yes, we can see that. Many of you are full of anger that you have almost been consumed by abusing everybody and throwing tantrums . Many of you have even gone as far as denigrating , hating and cursing your country Nigeria. Some have lost hope completely and talking about the ‘second option’ . A number of others are withdrawing to their ethnic cocoon , brewing hate, and weaving lies, sewing seeds of discord, manufacturing fakery, reaching out to the depth of the sewage to look for heroes.

“This cannot be right. Anger solves no problem. It will only lead to despondency and frustration. It is time to take a new approach. A positive one that will be beneficial to all.

“It is time for today’s youth to take the right tools, with the right understanding and strategy to chart a course for their generation. We believe the struggle, after Independence, after Democracy, is a struggle for Development! The responsibility is on the young generation, the incoming leaders, to hand over a developed nation, in the league of first world countries, to their children.

“This book makes an attempt at providing a strategic way for young people to play around the current obstacles and attain political office without compromising their values,”he advised.

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