Israel/Palestinian: A Conflict That Started Since Biblical Times – JD Ephraim

One Dr Norman post on Isreal has been carried in Facebook, criticing Isreal on abuse of human rights and sundry accusations. This write up is neither to support what Isreal is doing or has done, nor to take adverse position with Dr. Norman on Isreal . He is free to hold his views and to propagate them , as much as I am free to hold mine too. My comments are neither based on international law , social justice, nor Human Rights and politics. I am a Christian . I have been enjoined to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Not because Isreal is a Christian country( for it is not) , but my Bible has asked me to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. I do not know the Qur’an well but I believe there is no similar provisions in it (That Muslims should pray for war and success in the wars of fellow other Muslims in the war, specifically the Palestinians.

Let us refer to ancient history ; how the Jews were defeated by other Arab nations in times past and taken into captivity in Syria, Iraq and even later, scattered through out the world. You will also remember, that at the time of Jacob, the Jews were as slaves in Egypt under the subsequent Pharoahs. It had to take the intervention of God directly, through prophet Mousa, to take them out of Egypt,and God annihilated the Egyptian army at the red sea. The Jews were miraculously led, all through those 40 years in the desert, right through to the promised land,and to conquer the land, on entry. God punished Prophet Mousa by showing him the land and informing him he will not enter the land. It was due to some disobedience. The mantle of leadership fell on Joshua , who led the children of Isreal, conquered and divided the land, among the twelve tribes of Isreal. God punishes rebellion and forgives when one repents.Are we still in rebellion ?

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God had wanted to be the ruler of Isreal. But the Jews kept pressing God for an earthly ruler. They had seen the system of rilership with their various neighbours who were not chosen races by God like the children of Isreal. Soul was anointed to become the first King of Isreal. He was also punished, eventually , for disobedience. Long before this, God had asked that David (Dawud), be anointed King.He was King, in the waiting, until soul left the scene. After David , was Solomon-the wise king. It is during his time that one could explain the presence of Jews in Ethiopia, through Queen Shebaah. The temple at Jerusalem was built by King Solomon, although King David wanted to do so, but the Lord would not allow him, because he had fought and won many wars and his “hands were full of blood”. For that, the Lord would not allow him. But before Christ was born, Isreal was defeated and was under occupation by the Roman empire. Most Roman citizens were elevated, in social status, more than the Jews. They were ruled from Rome and had Governors appointed by the Roman Emperor.

Again, the Jews in 70 A.D., sufferred defeat in the hands of the Arabs. The temple was destroyed. I am sure if they too destroy the al-acsa mosque, the third most important Islamic shrine in the world, that may spark- off a religious war in the world. Much later in history, the Al-acsa mosque was build by the Arabs on the ruins of the temple mount. The Jews had and still has access only to the western wall of the temple mount , what is sometimes referred to as “the wailing wall “. Yes, they go there to pray to YHWH.

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There are many Biblical prophesies as to what is happening and what will happen. I do not want to go into them here, but we are truly in the end times. However, we have been assured of Israel’s victory, what ever any one would say- be it on human rights, or whatever. Be he from the middle-east , Europe , or America. That Isreal established a modern state in 1948, is not strange, but what was predicted. That since then it had and still fights successful wars with its Arab neighbours, is neither new, nor strange, and it would not be the end no matter the world’s diplomacy and international war.

Who is man to disagree , or stand against the will of God? We are, but mere potters’ clay, in the hands of God. Man cannot question God’s justice. Everything is working according to God’s plan. I thank Prophet Mohammed (saw), for giving our Muslim brothers and sisters the opportunity to become Christians first. Do not reject it, because of unbelieve. If you do, you will not be true Muslims. I want you to be a true Muslim , therefore accept Jesus, the Christ , as a special prophet of God, and ALL HIS TEACHINGS, and everything else would be added unto you.I thank you for sparing your time to read. We want religious harmony.

Joshua D Ephraim writes from Abuja

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