IPAC Pays Tribute To Shonekan, Family

The Inter-Party Advisory Council (IPAC), join Nigerians and foreign countries grieving with the immediate family members, friends and relations of former interim government leader Ernest Shonekan.

IPAC, in a condolence message issued in Abuja, by its National Chairman of IPAC, Engineer Yabagi Yusuf Sani, advice the other living Statesmen and former leaders to emulate His Excellency, Late Chief Ernest Shonekan by playing the role of fathers of the nation, counsellors and arbiters in national affairs regardless of underlying political or personal misgivings.

He said: “Even at the grand age of 85 years, the passing of Chief Shonekan is saddening because in him, it is not only his family that is mourning a benefactor, a father and a grandfather but, the entire citizenry that has lost a quintessential embodiment of the best of our time, one of the most outstanding and illustrious architects whose remarkable and indelible footprints will linger through generations in the annals of our country.

“In spite of his humble and self- effacing nature, the late Chief Shonekan was a monumental achiever as a clear-sighted entrepreneur and deft player in the private sector of the nation’s economy where he dedicated his vast education, energy and genius. At the end of his active days and point of departure from us, he left on his trail, a chain of business edifices that will long outlive him.

“A patriot extraordinary, with towering influence and respect across the length and breadth of the country, Chief Earnest Shonekan was simply identified as a most qualified gentleman with the capacity and disposition to stave off the cataclysmic storm generated by the unfortunate annulment of the June 12th, 1993 presidential election.

“Even though not a politician or one that had been active on the nation’s political power-play, he delivered by holding the country together, ensuring peace and stability within the short spell of time that he was Head of the Interim National Government, ING.

“Chief Shonekan demonstrated his magnanimity and high-level patriotism in his continued participation in the National Council of States and other gatherings of former leaders of the country in spite of the circumstances that surrounded his exit from office as Head of State”.

He pray for gentle soul of the late departed nationalist, patriot and elder statesman, Chief Ernest Shonekan rest in peace.

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