Interrogation Of Progress On Ogoni Clean Up Heightens In Porthacourt As Centre LSD, Other Stakeholders Assesses HYPREP

By Musa Sunusi Ahmad

The Assessment of the progress made so far by Hydrocarbon Remediation Project in the clean-up also referred to as the remediation process of oil polluted Communities in Ogoni and other parts of the Niger-delta, continued on Thursday in Porthacourt, Rivers State during a town hall meeting.

The meeting tagged “achieving a healthy and sustainable environment in the Niger Delta” was organised by the African Centre for Leadership Strategy and Development.

ELANZA News Correspondent who joined the meeting virtually through the zoom webinar report that the meeting was an assembly of relevant stakeholders from the Civil Society, government, media and operators in the oil sectors who examined the cleanup issues from their various perspectives.

Also Central in the meeting was the scrutiny of reimbursement pattern for jobs and the regularity of payments, as well as the role played by independent monitors including community-based monitors in the entire cleanup exercise.

It could be recalled that the United Nations Environmenta Program ( UNEP) in it’s 2011 report suggest a Multi-stakeholders approach in the cleanup of Ogoni and the Niger Delta.

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