Insecurity: NGO Advoctes Women Participation In Peace, Conflict Discussions In Benue

A non Governmental Organization under the aiegis of Equal Access International has commenced a two day Knowledge Based Advocacy training for Thirty Women in three Local Governments in Benue State that were mostly affected by Insecurity on Leadership, Empowerment and Advocacy (LEAD).

Our Correspodent gathered that the Three LGs includes Guma, Agatu and Gwer- west

The goal of the  training according to the Deputy Country Director, Gad Peter, is to ensure Women Participation and Leadership in a Civilian Security in Benue State Communities.

“Equal Access International is determine to enhance the capacity of Women in the Crises affected Communities so that they will be able to identify early warning signs of conflict and as well know what they can do to prevent the escalation of the conflict hence they are often times Victims of these conflict”

“Often times, Women, in trying to save the lives of their Children,  are consumed in conflict, so this training will help them to position themselves strategically so that when issues of peace and conflict are discussed their opinion will also be sought”

“In  Benue State we have what we call the State Action Plan which is a product of the United Nations resolution on Women Peace and Security, so what we hope to achieve at the end of the training is to work with these Women, support them so that they will be able to identify their peculiar need and develop their Local Action Plan and as well work with the Chairmen and and other stakeholders in their locality for implementation”

In a welcome address, the Head of Office Equal Access International Hajia Maryam Muhammad said the organisation is poised to encouraged Women on the issue of Peace and Security as regards to Women and Children through the enhancement of their ability to do things that will develop their Communities.

Hajia Maryam lamented a situation where women and Children are always at the receiving end of every conflict, saying, this is because a woman is glue to her Children, and in the process to save their lives both of them will be consumed in the crises, so their is every need to enhance the capacity of Women in Conflict and peace building so that their voices will also be represented during discussions on Peace and Conflict.


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