Insecurity: Middle Belt Rejects Call For State Of Emergency, Negotiation With Bandits

The Middle Belt Forum (MBF) has rejected call by Zamfara State governor, Bello Muhammad Matawalle for the declaration of a state of emergency in the entire Northern states and negotiating with the bandits.

According to the Middle Belt, if a state of emergency is declared, Marshall law will be impose and even the governor will cease to be in office.

Speaking to LEADERSHIP last night, the President of the forum, Dr Bitrus Pogu said bandits should be treated as terrorists, insisting that the Nigerian military has the capacity to uproot them in the bushes but alleged that they lack the political will.

“When a state of emergency is declared, marshall law will be impose. Military will takeover and Matawalle won’t be governor. State of Emergency means lost of Democratic rule and total takeover by the military which is not good under a democratic system.

“It is obvious the governor doesn’t know what state of emergency means. State of emergency is not acceptable today,” Pogu said.

On the call for negotiation with bandits, Pogu said it is just a conspiracy theory adding that the Nigerian military has the capacity to defeat the bandits.

“The military has the capacity to defeat the bandits but the political will is not there. We say no to negotiation with the bandits. If the military want to deal with them, they can bomb them in the bushes. There should be political will for the military to bomb them and not negotiation. What we have today is just a conspiracy,” Pogu added.

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