Book Launch: Influencer Urges Patience, Despite Challenges And Hardship

BY Fidelis Akahomen

Medical consultant, author and song-writer, Nse-Obong Blessing Undie, has urged urged Nigerian to possess patience even in the face of hardship, challenges and temptations.
Undie said this during her book launch (ABC of Temptation), music concert and quadruple album launch.
The author who in her book aims at helping people on how to recognize, avoid, overcome and recover from temptations, also said that her life has been punctuated by challenges and as such seeks to help people avoid and overcome similar challenges.

“I have passed through some things and i don’t want other people to pass through same things and have problems, so i try to learn, and pass the lessons across, so that other people can have good life”
Speaking on the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Undie said: “Because of the pandemic, people are now facing hardship, due to increased poverty, job loss and sometimes, people are tempted to cut corners to make ends meet. But as children of God, it is better to depend on God to take us out of whatever problems COVID-19 brings and know that cutting corners will not take us anywhere”
On her part, queeneth Kalu, childhood friend of the author, appreciated Undie for coming out with such a book, especially at this challenging times. She therefore urged that people imbibe godliness as a tool for a better society.

“If we imbibe godliness, the society will definitely be better. The book is titled ABC of temptation, and we know that the world is full of temptation and maybe Nigeria is multiply full of temptations. So if we can read the book and try to correct ourselves, try to resist, and overcome temptations, we will be better and the society of course will be better off”

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