I’m Alive, Volunteer Of Coronavirus Vaccine Trial Says

The first person and scientist to undergo Coronavirus vaccine trial says she is alive and doing well.

There have been rumours of the death of Dr Elisa Granato, a scientist, who was part of the first two people that underwent Coronavirus vaccine trial in Oxford.

But in a tweet, after she read the news of her rumoured death, Elisa said she was fine and happy to be one of the only two people that first went for the coronavirus vaccine trial.

“News circulating on social media that the first volunteer in a UK coronavirus vaccine trial has died is completely untrue,” the Department of Health and Social Care in the UK tweeted after Elisa herself debunked the rumoured death.

An article had earlier claimed that Elisa had died following complications after taking the coronavirus vaccine.

The UK government has also disclaimed the article suggesting Elisa was death adding that the news was “completely untrue.”

The government warned people not to share online claims that are not true.

“Nothing like waking up to a fake article on your death … I’m doing fine everyone,” Elisa tweeted.

The UK Guardian Newspaper also quoted the Department of Health and Social Care urging people not to share the fake news.

Elanza News reports that Dr Elisa Granato’s tweets are protected.

Dr Elisa Granato Twitter handle
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