I Weep For Nigeria, Mantu Says Before Death Knocks

Former Deputy Senate President of Nigeria, Ibrahim Mantu had said that if he had known the country would find herself where the country is today, he would have taken the last drop of his blood to ensure former President Olusegun Obasanjo got the third time.

Mantu, a chieftain of the North Central Peoples Forum (NCPF) who stated this in an interview before death came knocking at 74, said he weeps for Nigeria.

According to the Politician whose death was announced in Abuja today, amending the constitution to allow for tenure elongation for the president would have been in the greatest interest of the nation.

“We never envisaged we would be here. Since Obasanjo left, the way
this country has been run up to this moment, I weep for Nigeria,”
Mantu had told Premium Times in 2016.

Mantu who also regretted leaving the National Assembly, said he would
have targeted bills that would promote unity of Nigeria adding that
people would have seen themselves first and foremost as Nigerians
before they see themselves as Akwa Ibom, Lagos or Ekiti.

“You know, we allow tribalism and religious differences to stand
between us and progress,” Mantu regretted.

As a loyal party man, in 2017, Ibrahim Mantu said he fasted and prayed
for 30 days to know that Tunde Adeniran should be elected the next
chairman of PDP but the race was scuttled and the calculation changed.

Born on February 19, 1947, the late Mantu reportedly took ill three
days ago and died today at a private hospital in Abuja.

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As a strong man in Nigerian politics, Mantu was one of the notable
figures in the nation’s political landscape for many years before he
was defeated by an unknown politician, Satty Davies Godwim in 2007.

In 2001 he was elected Deputy Senate President under the platform of
the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), a position he held till 2007 when
he did not return to the senate.

Mantu, who hails from Gindiri District in Mangu Local Government Area
of Plateau State, worked in various establishments before joining

Alongside General Jeremiah Useini, Mantu was one of the promoters of
the North Central Peoples Forum (NCPF), a non partisan, non religious
group seeking for the emancipation of the North Central region made up
of Plateau, Benue, Nasarawa, Abuja, Niger, Kogi, and Kwara State.

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