I Can’t Breathe, In America? …By Poetic Tee “Here, Take A Sip”

By Tijjani Muhammad Musa

What’s wrong with America?
What’s wrong with
“God’s own country”
the land of the free?
Where dreams are born
Nurtured, raised and glazed!

Many would flee
Seeking to be free
from oppression
in their homeland.

Swim, run, fly
Across seas
through mountains
over several borders
to arrive at hope
so their stories get told.

Ending an end
starting anew
a fresh beginning
an apocalypse
where not air
but freedom is breathe.

Yet, a soul resident
for over 540 seconds
on hot, hard tarmac
gets crushed
fizzled out
by a heartless knee.

“I can’t breathe!”
In America?
Barely audible
screamed George Floyd
just before his final exit.

What did he do
to deserve such barbarism?
Even savages
can do much better
given man’s civility
some decorum, illuminal itty.

How many more
dream painters
would get uprooted?
Their brushes broken
their paints splashed
their canvasses torn
their hopes shredded?

All because of what?
Their skin hue
isn’t like Picasso’s
their strokes
like Michealangello’s
or their tie is of FUBU
not by Valentino?

Trayvon Martin, Eric Reason
Rodney King, Alton Sterling
Eric Garner, Natasha McKenna
Tanisha Anderson, Atatiana Jefferson
Botham Jean, Bettie Jones
How many more?
Enough please
Let it henceforth STOP!

O mankind, please!
Where’s your humanity?
And your humaneness
Bring it back!
Find your definition
Be human, again.
Return home from that
Renegadal ego tripping.

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