HURIWA To Zamfara Governor: Stop Stocking Up Ethnic Tensions, Asks Media To Blacklist Gov. Matawalle

By Musa Sunusi Ahmad

The prominent Civil Rights Advocacy Group:- HUMAN RIGHTS WRITERS ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA (HURIWA) has threatened to enlist the Zamfara state governor in a soon to be introduced National black book of promoters of hate speech and hate crimes.  The Rights group has also decided to circulate a travel advisory globally warning people not to travel to Zamfara State.  
Besides, the Rights group has challenged the Minister of Communications and Digital Economy Malam Ibrahim Pantami to convince Nigerians that he is no longer associated with his alleged anti-American rhetorics and alleged endorsement of the ideology of AlQaeda by travelling to Washington Dc in the United States of America and then return without any incidence with the Federal Bureau of investigations (FBI). HURIWA promised to start off a Go Fund Me initiative to raise money for purchase of return tickets for Minister Pantami should he take up the challenge to travel to USA and return so we believe that he has no link whatsoever with his alleged romancing of the extremist teaching of AlQaeda.  
HURIWA in a media statement on the allegations of having links with AlQaeda which the Minister of Communications and Digital economy has vigorously denied, the Rights group said although the Minister had disassociated himself from the claim of being listed by the U.S.A on its FBI watch list, the Rights group has demanded the resignation of the Minister based on what are in circulation on his alleged professed Ideological extremism which is antithetical to constitutional democracy. “We are indeed at a lost how a man with so much of Western education with a chain of academic laurels including a prestigious doctorate from a Scottish University,  can be the same person in some of the audio-visual records being circulated and in which he allegedly supported the Islamic extremist teaching of global Jihadists movements”.  
“We think it is disingenuous for the Minister to threaten media houses with law suit for publishing what he considers as untrue story that he is on the watch list of FBI but the Rights group is hereby demanding his removal from such a sensitive position that has to do with the Custody of the very sensitive cyber-data of Nigerians going by the available body of evidence surrounding his alleged support for global Jihadists movements. So we think he should resign from public office until we are convinced that our data are safe with him in the office of Communications and Digital economy “. 
On the Zamfara State governor who recently allegedly threatened to attack Southerners in the North the Rights group said the governor has clearly written his name in the black book of persons who are now threatening to destroy the longstanding Inter-ethnic and Inter-religious harmony even as his recent diatribe against Southerners amounted to stocking up ethnic conflicts in Nigeria. “We urge the security forces to put the Zamfara State governor on active Surveillance as someone who could undermine National Security”.
HURIWA said the media quoted Zamfara governor Bello Matawalle as saying thus: “Indeed no community, or region has the monopoly of violence.“If Northerners and their means of livelihood will not be protected, accommodated and be dignified anywhere they choose to stay in any part of the South, Southerners should not expect protection from the North as the North has more than what it takes to respond to any kind of aggression and hatred.“
Speaking on the recent clash between some Yoruba and Hausa traders, in Sasha, Oyo State, the Governor of Zamfara said that up till now there has been no justice for Northerners.
Jear him: “We have seen the destruction, the killings and the devastation recently at Sasha Market against Northerners and their economic interests. Properties worth billions of Naira were lost in addition to human lives, yet some leaders in the South-West are downplaying the atrocities committed or, worst still, justifying it. Some of them have shamefully gone to the extent of apportioning blames on the victims and casualties of their aggression.” 

HURIWA then said: “We urge Southerners to be mindful of their safety in the North especially in Zamfara State as we are afraid that a man who openly confesses negotiations with armed terrorists and bandits in his state is capable of doing unthinkable things going  by his threats and in this Muhammadu Buhari’s dark age, even if millions of Southerners are killed in the North, nothing will come out of it”.

HURIWA said it will publish a travel advisory globally warning people not to travel to Zamfara State.  

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