HURIWA To President Buhari: Don’t Be Happy Until All The Terrorists And Sponsors Are Prosecuted And Punished

By Musa Sunusi Ahmad

The Prominent Civil Rights Advocacy group-: HUMAN RIGHTS WRITERS ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA (HURIWA) has admonished the President and the Commander-In-Chief of the armed forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari to hold on from rejoicing over the release of the abducted school boys from Kagara in Niger State until their abductors,  sponsors and those purported to be negotiators for ransom payments are arrested, prosecuted and punished in accordance with the law of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.  

HURIWA said the government has encouraged the emergence of  new kind of commercial franchises in the North amongst the armed Fulani militia groups who now go about kidnapping school children in expectations of hige payouts. We condemned this latest absurdity of paying Terrorists with tax payers money which inevitably leads to the proliferation of kidnapping armed gangs in the North.  

HURIWA  recalled that President Muhammadu Buhari had said he was happy to know that the abducted students of Government Science College in Kagara, Niger State have been released.

HURIWA quoted the President as affirming in a statement issued on Saturday by his spokesman, Garba Shehu, to welcome the students’ release, commending the nation’s security and intelligence agencies and the government of Niger State for their responses in securing the release.

The Rights group said the President stated thus:“We are happy they have been released,” Buhari said while sympathising with the staff and the students, their parents and friends on this ordeal.”

Reacting, the Rights group said the President’s expression of happiness was premature since all over the Country and especially in the Northern region of the Country almost all the Schools are getting shut down because the central government can’t guarantee the safety and security of the lives of the Students just as the Rights group said the failure of the government to promptly arrest, prosecute and sanction the terrorists kidnappers of school children in line with the extant anti terrorism Act of the Federal Republic of Nigeria makes the President’s expression of happiness ephemeral and unrealistic. The Rights group said the refusal of the entire security Architectures headed by Moslem northerners to crackdown on these armed non state actors shows that they are compromised and can’t be trusted to protect the nation from external aggressions and internal security nightmares. 

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“Ordinarily, we completely comprehend the happiness and rejoicing that will be going on amongst the families of these unfortunate victims of terrorism who are now free from their hostage and from their kidnappers. We too are in solidarity with these citizens. However, all around Nigeria there is a growing climate of fear, uncertainty and the fear of the unknown going by the refusal and manifest failures of the current administration to decisively deal with terrorists and their sympathisers such as the Kaduna based Islamic Cleric Sheikh GUMI who committed the treasonous act of singling our Chritsian born members of the armed security forces for blame over the attacks in the past that targeted the armed FULANI militia and terrorists who are now engaging in the indiscriminate KIDNAPPINGS of School children for ransom payments. Mr. President has yet to convince any Nigerian that his administration has not self inflicted herself with the characteristic of a toothless bulldog who barks but can’t bite”.  

“Once more, we condemn the refusal of the Federal government of President Muhammadu Buhari to ensure that these identified terrorists seen in different photographs posing with the Kaduna Moslem Cleric Sheikh GUMI are taken out and or demobilised, disarmed and PROSECUTED under the existing counter terror laws of the Federation.  Appeasement of terrorists in Nigeria by the Nigerian Government is unconstitutional and absolutely illegal “. 

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