HURIWA To Buhari: Stop The Nepotistic Enforcement Of Anti Terror Law And Crush Fulani Militia, Terrorists Kidnappers

For the umpteenth time,  the prominent Civil Rights Advocacy Group-: HUMAN RIGHTS WRITERS ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA (HURIWA) has blamed the apparent NEPOTISTIC ENFORCEMENT of the relevant anti-terror law on the part of President Muhammadu Buhari and Commander-in-Chief of the nation’s armed forces for the proliferation of armed attacks by Fulani armed herdsmen and terrorists.

HURIWA has also tasked the heads of the security forces to remember that they will be held to account in the near future for their apparent compromises with terrorists just because these terrorists share same Ethnicity and religion with them even as the Rights group said it was unfortunate that persons in positions of authority in the armed forces of Nigeria are pandering to their Ethnicity and other clandestine considerations in total violations of the clear provisions of the Nigerian Constitution which is the nation’s GrundNorm.

“It is regrettable that whereas the central government go about viciously attacking the likes of Sunday Igboho of the Yoruba nation agitation and has allegedly successfully plucked off the fugitive head of the proscribed indigenous People of Biafra ( IPOB) Mazi Nnamdi Kanu from the streets of Nairobi in Kenya and brought him back to Nigeria,  this same President Muhammadu Buhari is pampering his kinsmen the Fulani armed herdsmen and the mostly Fulani terrorists who are busy kidnapping school children and citizens directly from their homes but government has so far continued with the selective application of law enforcement measures. This selective act of confronting those threatening the peace of Nigeria and challenging the authority of government is the reason for the unprecedented security challenges that we now face”.

“It is unfortunate that the President approved the alleged forceful abduction of Nnamdi Kanu against the norms of international law and has so far invested substantial amount of resources and troops to crush members of the Eastern Security Network originally set up by Igbo youths to check the proliferation of armed attacks by Fulani armed herdsmen and then this same President sent DSS in the middle of the night to invade the home of Sunday Igboho in Ibadan and killed his supporters and family members but this President has failed to go after terrorists even in Katsina his home State and the North West only because these armed terrorists are Fulani Moslems. These terroristshave killed and maimed hundreds of thousands of commoners and members of the security forces and still they are being pampered.”

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“Now a media quoted the Nigerian Police Force as saying that the tracking machine has collapsed and so they can’t trace the armed Fulani herdsmen and terrorists in the North West and these same Police from the Inspector General of Police had made a heavy weather of killing many members of the Eastern Security Network in the South East of Nigeria but now that they are tasked by Nigerians to go after armed bandits and Fulani terrorists that even a Moslem Cleric Ahmad Gumi often meet in their forests hideouts, the police authority is now being disingenuous by lying through their tongues that their tracing machine collapsed then the Army also lied by saying that bandits wear shoes made with cow legs even as there are evidence to show that the photos circulated as that of armed Fulani terrorists in the North West were the pictures procured from East Africa Forests guardsmen who caught some poachers of wild lives and discovered their innovative ideas of wearing shoes made with animal foot to beat the security measures put in place against illegal poaching of endangered species of wild lives in East Africa. The President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration is not sincere with the fight on terror and especially in the North West of Nigeria “.

The Civil Rights Advocacy Group HURIWA said the Federal government has extended to even the modality of fighting war against insecurity the persistent observation by President Buhari of the illegal and treacherous act of implementing a policy of appointing only Fulani/Hausa/Kanuri  Northern Moslems into all sensitive internal and external security architectures of the Nigerian State.

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“There is now nepotism and favouritism on the application of the law against terrorists and agitators. Whereas peaceful agitators are treated as terrorists and crushed decisively,  the real terrorists now baptised with a soft name of bandits only because they are Fulanis are being treated like sacred cows who are above the law”.

“The selective attitudes and tendencies of President Muhammadu Buhari and heads of internal security institutions of pampering Armed Fulani herdsmen and terrorists destroying the entire North West of Nigeria have led to the heightened statistics of recorded terrorists attacks in parts of Nigeria. Only few days back, no fewer than 42 persons were reportedly killed in separate attacks in two local councils of Benue State just as it was gathered that the attacks took place in Katsina Ala and Gwer West local councils of the state.”

HURIWA which quoted media reports said residents in the affected communities of Shikaan, Mbagena and Kpav, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said the attackers suspected to be Fulani herdsmen invaded their communities in the early hours of Thursday and started killing people just as the numbers of Casualties were put at 36.

HURIWA recalled too that few days back suspected herdsmen allegedly killed a youth leader known as Olori Odo, injure two others in Ibadan. The youth leader, who is popularly known as Olori Odo, was shot by the Fulani herdsmen who invaded Akinkunmi village, in Akinyele local government area. Akinkunmi village is close to Kara market where cattle, rams and other livestock are being sold.

HURIWA recalled too that terrorists otherwise called Armed bandits by the government had in a raid last night (Saturday) abducted the Emir of Kajuru and 13 members of his family.

HURIWA citing media reports stated that the latest terror attack in Kaduna was confirmed by a cabinet member of the Emir even as it can be recalled that terrorists bandits have in the recent time, in Kaduna and its environs, intensified their terrorist activities by killing and kidnapping innocent people for ransom in the State.

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The Rights group condemned the kidnap of the  2nd class Emir, about 85 years old who was kidnapped with three women, two of his grand children, three of his aides and five others to an unknown destination just as credible report said: “Just a day before the incident, the Emir summoned a security meeting about a potential ploy to kidnap him but, unfortunately, the security agents didn’t act on it.” The Kajuru Emirate is about 40 minutes drive to Kaduna town.

The civil rights organisation said it is now clear that there are moles embedded within the Federal government and the security forces that actively provides moral assistance to the terrorists which is why they have the boldness to now operate inside metropolis of Kaduna and Zaria to kidnap people .

“It is unfortunate that the Nigerian President is actually not been sincere with the fight against insecurity because the failures of the security forces to actually confront these terrorists shows that they may have received internal instruction not to go hard on the terrorists only because they share same religious and ethnic affiliations with the President and most of the heads if the internal and external security institutions”.

“We must restate that the Chiefs of Army, Navy,  Comptroller Generals of Customs, Immigration,  Civil Defence, Inspector General of Police, Director Generals of Department of State Services and National Intelligence Agency are all Fulani and/or Kanuri Northern Moslems and yet the armed terrorists destroying all of North West are Fulanis and are been allowed to carry on with attacking Nigerians including school children and all we get from the man in charge of the operations of the armed forces as their Commander-in-Chief who is the President of Nigeria is empty rhetorical statements just as the same President goes out of his way to personally ensure that the armed operatives carry out clinical attacks against Indigenous peoples of Biafra and Sunday Igboho only for agitating for self determination”.

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