Humanity Should Come First Before Politics In Nigeria

By James Patrick

Humanity is the thermometer we use in checking the temperature of politics, ethnicity, race or religion. It is the parameter that check mates all the excesses in politics or religion. So, any religion that teaches you how to hate, how to kill, how to maim or how to destroy your fellow human being is satanic, demonic and barbaric. Any religion that preaches to you how to dislike and discriminate any human being is no religion at all – it is cultism, it is satanism, it is cannibalism. But any of the religion that encourages you to love unconditionally those around you, even if they do not come from the same faith like you, is the best religion on planet earth. Any religion that shows you how you are not better, wiser, smarter, holier, purer or more special than the other person nest to you, is the best religion ever. A man with no religion ( not a Christian, not a Muslim, not a traditionalist) who loves human beings, who treats other people the same way he would love to be treated, who does not maltreat other people, who does not look down on other people because they do not practice same faith with him, is far better than a religious bigots who can terminate the life of other people from a different faith. Same with politics, any political party or politicians that teaches the youth how to kill their opponent, how to fight the opposition, how to hate the opposition, how to rig the election, does not deserve to find his or herself in the position of power. HUMANITY comes first before religion and politics. The human beings you see around you are the images of God – they are the true replica of God scattered across every corner of the earth. God formed human beings before he created religion. He loves human being more than religion, He has a predilection for human than even the perfect religion on earth, ( I doubt if there is any perfect religion on earth). In Gods scale of preference, it is human being that occupies the zenith position before anything else. It is human being that is of top most priority to Him, it is humans that’s of an inestimable value to Him. It’s quiet unfortunate that the way God sees religion, is not the same way most of we humans see it. In God’s own view, religion is just the means, the medium, the channels with which every human being has chosen to seek Him, have intimacy with him or to interact with him. God sees religion as a methodology or a spiritually strategic conduits men invented on their own accord but approved by Him, to reconnect and communicate with him in heaven
Since God is the God of all humans, since God is the father of all races, He does not discriminate against which ever means or channels any human being chooses to connect with him. Let’s look at religion through this angle: if a father of six children works abroad, while his children lives here in Nigerian, due to the distance, none of the children would be able to see him, but they can choose to connect with him through which ever means that is convenient, comfortable and affordable to everyone’s capacity. One can choose to connect with the father through regular calls. The second could choose to do same through regular text messages. The third child could also choose to connect with the father using any of the various social media platforms: Facebook, whatapp, twitter, Instagram etc. The fourth child could choose to connect with the father via EMAIL, while the fifth child could choose an orthodox means, like writing a letter, going down to the nearest post office to mail the letter to his father. The last child, which happens to be the sixth, may see no reason whatsoever to reach out or connect with his father, He or she may choose not to communicate with the father. Here we can see that Whichever channel best suits any of the children is what they use and the father is okey by it. The father is happy with it – he enjoys hearing from everyone of them and all he desires is to always hear from everyone of them as often as possible. If the father is cool with whichever means any of his children uses to reach out, why would the children now hate each other because they are not using the same channel to always connect with their father? Why would the children be fighting, killing, segregating and discriminating against each other because each one decided to connect with the father through different means. If there is anybody that should complain about the channels, it should be the father! Since the father has never for once, raise an eye brow over the channels to connect with him, neither has he ever said, He prefers one channel to the other, why would the children be the once complaining?
This is the perfect picture of what we have hear in Africa and most part of the world. God is the Father, we are the children. The various means we use to connect or reconnect with him are the different religions ( Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism , Hinduism, Taoism etc). The sixth child who ignores the father, who does not see any need to communicate with the father are the Atheist and the freethinkers we have among us. God is cool with everybody, just like a father is cool with all his children. He showers all of them with the highest form of love. He loves them more than the channels they are using to reach out to him – they are more important to him than all the channels. Yes! The channels they are using may be sacred to them, but they are not as important to Him when compared to the life of any of His children. When compared to the life of one single soul, religion becomes infinitesimal to God. This is the same way God wants us to put each others first, before religion. We are to love each other far above and beyond any religion we practice. As good as the doctrine of any religion may sound, it inconsequential when compared to the single soul of any human lost in the clash of religion violence. No religion is worth a soul of any human being no matter how poor the person may be. It is this simply understanding that would set a Country like Nigeria free from the bondage of religion violence taking place most especially in the north. It is a pity that we are backward today as a people because we have allowed difference in the area of religion or ethnicity to destroy our sense of humanity. We have allowed criminals in the name of politicians to use these difference as a viable tool to set us up against each other. So that while we are still busy hating, fighting and killing each other, they would have a free chance to plunder, loot and empty our public coffer into their personal pocket. But the call is upon us as youths of the new generation Nigeria to change the narrative. The call is upon us as young men and women who are the change agents to put aside all our difference, come together, to elect those who have this nation at heart. These old men have been using us long enough. These inhuman politicians have used us against each other for too long. The time has come to set ourselves free from this captivity call religion. The time has come to make Nigerian a country that favours all, not a country that favours some few crooks who circumvent their way into power. The time has come for The youths (either in the north or south, Muslim or Christian) in this country to take their destinies into their hand by wrestling political cum economic power from the hands of his sadist we call our leaders. The time has come for humanity to take over the center stage of our lives as a people. The time has come for us as a people to start placing value on human lives. The time has come for humanity to rule our conscience rather than wickedness. Its time we realise that no man’s political ambition is worth the soul of another man.

BY; Patrick James
Phone no: 08138534313

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