How Soludo Will Drive Anambra Economy – Media Group

A very close ally of the Anambra Governor-elect who is also the convener, Soludo Media Group, Hon Pauly Onyeka said Charles Soludo will revolutionalised industries in the state and create about 520,000 Jobs and make 4,000 youth millionaires in four years.

Speaking with journalists in Abuja, the former legislator and a strong All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) stakeholders said economic emancipation is one of the four pillars of developmental agenda of Soludo’s manifesto tagged “my social contract with Ndi Anambra”.

“Soludo, you know is a renowned economist who does not just theorize but has practically showcased capacity and excellence during his classical outings in CBN, NEEDS and other federal parastatals as well as his milestone achievements at world bank and 20 other prominent financial and development institutions.

“His mantra is a creation of a one state smart mega city where every one will work, live, invest, learn and enjoy together.

“He will revolutionalize the industrial sector/the ingenuity of the Nnewi people, Ozubulu and Onitsha industrial parks. This is also to aid his policy on aggressive job creation for our teaming youths. In achieving the new needed industrial horizon, Soludo will not only open up the agrarian communities but will massively launch world class agricultural policies and methodology that would computerize that sector and make it attractive to our youths with the attendant huge job creation, food sufficiency and also help as a feeder unit (raw material) to the industries,” Onyeka said.

According to the APGA Chiefdom, “through the jobs from the above sectors as well as that from the ICT and modern skill acquisition programmes and the attached starter packs, Soludo hopes to create about 520,000 Jobs and 4,000 youth millionaires in in years,” he said.

On whether Soludo will bring investors to the state, Onyeka said, “what I will tell you right away is that Soludo, being an international, popular and trusted brand is equivalent to a standard seal, hence the scrambling by popular companies to partner with him.

“However, what would be key to Soludo is the quantity as well as the quality of value creation by those companies on the Anambra development project and how efficient such companies must be in the state problem solving chain.

“In other words, any foreign investor can only be relevant in Anambra if such investor will create the value or solve any aspect of the problems difficult for our indigenous investors. Little surprise that Soludo is going to relentlessly push for what he called “the Anambra brand” and shall be the chief marketer of such brand. Thus, whether local or foreign investor, what Soludo needs is good results inherent in products that can compete locally and internationally.

“Anambra government under his watch shall patronize only made in Anambra products except where it is not readily available. This is why Soludo himself has reaffirmed that all the official vehicles for the office of the governor under him and other official vehicles of government must be Anambra brand,” he said.

On the issue of god-fatherism, Onyeka said the Governor-elect is a profound man of the people.

“He is friendly with the low (if there is anything like that), the average and the so-called mighty in our society. He has a natural psychological way of dealing with all categories for peace to reign. Again, who is that man in his right senses, that would pose himself before an international figure like Soludo (who has seen it all at various climes) with the sole mission of being his god-father? No! One of the numerous reasons our people voted for Soludo is that he is above being appropriated. Not even the Uba family you talked about nor indeed any Anambra man can pressure Soludo to mess around with the mandate Ndi Anambra freely gave to him out of an uncommon love in a tension soaked atmosphere.

“Soludo is an iconic personality with enormous love and vigour for the sectoral transformation of our dear state. In fact, no sooner would he take the mantle of leadership than he would become the new model for state administration in this country and beyond.

“Soludo also has as other pillars of his development agenda in his manifesto – the Social Agenda, anchoring more on effective and standard education, decent environment and then, Rule Of Law.

“This last leg on rule of law has already endeared Soludo to the hearts and even the subconscious of all the lovers of democracy (in it’s exact meaning.) By this and as a leader who wants to go by the rules, he is practically telling the whole world to look out for democracy at its best in Anambra as well as asking the state legislature to hold him accountable.

“It is also a clear warning to all those that would find themselves in his cabinet, the legislature and the judiciary to embrace this new democratic order and always act by the rule or be trapped by it,” Onyeka added.

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