How Herders Slain My Mother, Brother During Gora Gan Attack – 8-Year-Old Survivor


The unwarranted visitation of Fulani Herdsmen on our Community, Gora Gan Community which occured on 20th July, 2020, has left an indelible memory in the live of an 8-year-old Diana Bulus, as her mother and their last born was hacked to death by Fulani Herdsmen Militia.

The young Diana who developed courage to narrates her ordeal when LEADERSHIP visited Mercy’s IDP Camp in Zonkwa over the weekend said the ugly incident which she said will continue to remains a nightmare till date.

Daina disclosed that the Fulani invaded the Community while she was at the local Market of the Community selling Groundnut in the evening.

” I just heard a loud bang of gunshots and people all over the town were running shouting Fulani has invaded our Community, calling on everybody to run away.

” I can’t remember how I managed to escape the attackers. Initially, I was running towards home but the sound of gunshots coming few miles away from our house could not allow me move further.

” I join other people running for their lives. The fear that gripped me and the experienced would never be vanished,” Daina said.

” I returned home the following morning and saw my mother and our last born slain to death and their corpse was laying down on the Cemetery.

” Life is meaningless to me, loosing my Mum and my brother whom we’re always together. If remember I cannot see them anymore i become more aggrieved.

” The havock that was wreck on our Community by Fulani herdsmen would continue to riminsce in our heart.

The 8-year-old Daina said she would wish to go back to her Village and continue her School, adding life will be miserable without her mother and her younger brother.” She said.

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  1. We up to date eny man call Fulani in this blood the blood will be asking him question everyday & night except our God is not alive in Jesus name I pray

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