House Of Kaduna Family Begins Peace Talks With Different Groups In S/Kaduna


The House of Kaduna Family (HOKF) that was constituted by the Kaduna State Peace Commission has begun peace dialogue meetings with different stakeholders to foster lasting solutions to the lingering crises that left so many people killed and Communities sacked.

The Committee which had 22 revered leading clerics from both Christians and Muslim as members and Shekh Dr. Ahmed Gumi and Apostle Emmanuel Nuhu Kure,the Vision Pioneer Throneroom (Trust) Ministry as their Co-Chairmen.

Speaking at the event with the theme ” House of Kaduna Family, Southern Kaduna Stakeholders Dialogue on Promoting Social Cohesion And Peace Building” held at the Catholic Social Centre in Madakiya yesterday, Shekh Gumi maintained that Nigeria would be at peace if peace can be achieved in Southern Kaduna because of their peculiarities.

He explained that Southern Kaduna is a melting point we’re it consists all Nigerians, tribes and religious persuasions, stressing anything in Nigeria you found it more pronounce in Southern Kaduna.

Gumi noted that if peace can be foster in Southern Kaduna, the rest of the country can take example from the Southern Kaduna people.

” The whole nations is looking at you, if Southern Kaduna is at peace Nigerian will be peaceful,” Gumi said.

According to him Southern Kaduna has the most beautiful landscape and some other prospects. If Southern Kaduna would have educational institutions, Factories and tourism they generates alots of revenue.

” I have been to Enugu, Lagos I will tell you Southern Kaduna is one of the best place I have been and it is very important to us, not only to us but to Nigerians as whole,” Gumi added.

While commenting on the crises, he said there is no section of the society in Southern Kaduna that is no harm, saying the Religious Leaders are guilty and the Government. “But now the Government are calling us to see how we can contribute our quarter to ensure peace is restored in Southern Kaduna.

The cleric added that in every House in Southern Kaduna there is an organization which shows the diversity and the differences that exist in the region, urging the Southern Kaduna people to unify their goal and objectives to the permanent solution of the problems facing the region.

Apostle Emmanuel Nuhu Kure who is also a Co-Chairman disclosed that when the Committee met with the governor he assured them he’s not going to influence what they do and go to the root of matter, adding they should also find the e solutions to the problems.

Kure noted that since the process of peace started in Kaduna State, this was the first time religious leaders are brought into it and trusting God that the lingering problems will be addressed.

LEADERSHIP reports that the Peace Dialogue meeting had in attendance; SOKAPU, MIYYETI ALLAH, SAKAMODA, NENZIT Patriotic Front, representatives of all the Southern Kaduna Community Development Associations among so many others groups.

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