Herdsmen Dare Southern Govs: We Won’t Recognise Satanic Anti-Grazing Policy

As the September 1 deadline set aside by Southern Governors for the banning of open grazing nears, the herders have said they won’t recognise such policy, describing it as satanic.

The herders, through there socio-cultural group, Miyetti Allah Kauta Hore, said the planned policy has been taken over by events, stating that they are supporting the move by the federal government to revive grazing reserves, grazing routes and allow ranching in all the states.

Speaking to LEADERSHIP yesterday, the National Secretary of the socio-cultural group, Saleh Alhassan said they won’t recognise such policy of anti-open grazing.

“We don’t recognize anti-grazing. No body can do anti-grazing in Nigeria where we are constitutionally guarantee right of movement and occupation,” Alhassan said, referring to the September 1 deadline set up by the Southern Governors to ban open grazing.

“I think that has been overtaken by event where the federal government is reviving the grazing reserves and grazing routes. Ranches are coming up accross the states. Any policy that will heat up the polity I don’t think is it desirable for the country now.

“I think they are just beating a death host. After all, how many grazing reserves do we have in Southern Nigeria. 90 percent of the cows we have in Southern Nigeria are meant for business. They are not there for grazing. The cattles are taken there for two or three weeks before they take them to the market. We don’t even understand what they mean by anti-open grazing,” Alhassan said.

“That thing is Satanic,” Alhassan said of the anti-open grazing policy. “That kind of Policy is Satanic. Anything Satan cannot prevail over light. They will fail.”

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Alhassan who threatened the governors over their 2023 political plans of a power shift to the South, insisted they won’t get it.

“The power that they are looking for they will not get it. We have reported them to almighty Allah to create confusion in the camp of the enemy. And confusion will be there lot. Where is Sunday Igboho, where is Nnamdi Kanu today. They are all in jail. The God of the pastoralists is protecting them like the God of Elijah that speak with fire. He has fired all of them.

“They can’t win. They are losers. It is a negetive policy. We are supporting the Federal Government now to revive the grazing reserves, to revive the grazing routes, do ranches, settle the herders over time. Is that what they don’t want? Then they are the real bandits.

“If you are looking for a real bandit is Governor Ortom. He is the real bandit. And he thinks he can fight the Fulani ethnic nationality. He don’t know that we are not only in Nigeria. We are an African tribe.

“We are in charge of United Nation. The pioneer secretary of the African Union is a Fulani herder. What is Ortom talking. They better play politics that can unite this country. All these things they are saying, they can’t do anything as far as Nigeria is concerned.

“Is our country, we are not going anywhere, we will not be intimidated by anybody and we are peace loving. It’s their own cup of tea. After all, they are the consumers of the cows,” Alhassan said adding that the plans of the governors have failed.

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“There plans have already failed. See Sunday Igboho there, he is languishing in Benin prison. See Nnamdi Kanu who was captured in Kenya. Forget about them. They are the ones sponsoring all these killings. It is the handiwork of Biafra. They want to set the country on fire.

“These people know what they are doing. They are just there to steal money especially Governor Ortom. He is there to steal money of Benue State. And we are waiting for him. Immediately he leaves power, if EFCC did not arrest him, our vigilante will arrest him and hand him over to the Nigeria Police to be prosecuted like a common criminal. It’s just a matter of time. He will certainly join Dariye and co because he has eaten security votes in billions and he has masterminded the killing of innocent people in Benue State and has lie to the entire world.

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