Helicopter Attacks In Kaduna,Serial Killing And Kidnapping:Indices Of A Failed State-John Pofi

The series of unprovoked attacks in recent days has opened another disastrous chapter in our national history.

When innocent Nigerians can no longer go to church, when Nigerians can no longer go to farms, when Nigerians can no longer sleep peacefully in their houses, what else do we expect from the state?

To say Nigeria is a failed state is to say the least. Imagine not even ISIS has used helicopter in their attacks of civilians but it happened in Kaduna state though, security agencies have shamelessly and repeatedly denied but every Nigerian knows that community has been captured by terrorists.

President Buhari is a general who has woefully failed to protect his people. I listened to the president last week when in his characteristic manner blatantly lied to Nigerians again that his Administration has achieveed tremendous successes in the area of security.

What a country, what terrible set of people are we? Where is our humanity and conscience? What are the offences committed by these innocent Nigerians who are killed daily? The way are endless just like the endless search for solutions to our legion of self imposed troubles.

Check out the number of lives that are daily added to the existing number, yet, nothing seems to be done, why? Since president Buhari has failed monumentally, why can’t he give way? Haba, we are still mourning the over 50 people killed in the Owo church then the the last Sunday helicopter deployed to fly over a sovereign state and kill innocent villagers, yet no arrest was made and you want me to believe Nigeria is not a zoo? Then the killing of another 3 persons in another church in Kajuru of Kaduna state in a church yesterday why now?

Every day we keep hearing ” ungun known men” haba! What is happening?

The National Prayer Force Network is saying NO to avoidable bloodbath, NO to any form of man’s inhumanity to man, for how long are we going to devalue the lives of our people? When other nations are advancing in science and technology, my country is growing geometrically in devaluing the lives of its citizens. What a shame?

We therefore call for immediate action and the protection of Christians in their worship centres from today!

On behalf of my family and the wonderful team of Prayer Force Network, I sincerely commiserate with all the bereaved families who are left to lick their wounds the Owo people, the Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria and the good people of Ondo and Kaduna states.

May this be the end of the madness in our national life in Jesus mighty name!


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