Head of Service Calls For Accountability In Leadership Roles


Head of the Civil Service of the Federation, Folashade Yemi-Esan, has called for accountability in all spheres of leadership.

She made the call at the third anniversary and ordination of 14 deacons/pastors of the Exousia Church of God, Abuja. According to her, God will hold accountable leaders who misuse their leadership roles in any position they find themselves.

She noted that leadership roles comes with responsibilities and therefore urged all the newly inducted leaders in the church as well as leaders in the country, to be transparent and honest at all times in their offices.

She said, “Ordination is a very big responsibility to those that have been ordained because right now they have to work honestly with God alone and not listen to side talks. I think it is a big responsibility that has been placed on their shoulders. I just pray that God himself will help them to carry that responsibility so that on the last day they will reap their rewards.

“I think leadership is always a position of responsibility because we have God to answer too, and so all leaders should be aware that at some point God will have to ask us to give an account of our stewardship.”

Also speaking, Senior Pastor of the Exousia Church of God, Kunle Shoyele, declared his appreciation to God for mercies shown to him for the past three years in ministry, but however, expressed optimism that a time would come where honest and transparent leaders would rise to the occasion of the insecurity challenges bedevilling the country.

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He added that God will in due time, bring Nigeria out of its current security challenges, using the newly inducted members of the church as a point of contact to reach out to other leaders in the country for the ability to sustain good leadership.

His words, “I will like to thank the Lord for his mercies over my life and family and I also thank the Lord for his mercies over the Exousia church for his mercies in the last three years of the ministry.

“We believe that God will help our country Nigeria and help our leaders to lead us right, leadership is very key in the fulfilment of a people. Today the people we’ve ordained, we are praying that they will be leaders that will bring transformational change to the church of God and by extension to the world at large.

“Likewise in Nigeria, we believe God in the season that we are in, that a new army is rising, God is raising men and women of integrity who will stand for the truth that is expected in leadership. I mean a leadership that will be sincere to its people.

“We trust God that as he has given us leaders in this country, he would also give us leaders in this nation that will be there to defend the integrity of this nation and stand for the truth. Let’s fix our system so that we all can enjoy it, let us move from just saying to doing.”

Fielding questions from journalists, Pastor Dare Samuel of the newly inducted ministers, said Nigerian leaders ought to do the needful by taming the insecurity challenges confronting the country.

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“My advice to Nigerian leaders is to do the needful by taming the insecurity challenges that we are going through and also we in the leadership position in the house of God will also pray for them for strength to carry on with this task that has been committed to them, so that they will not fail in it.”

To this end, he said, “I want to say a big thank you to God almighty who has made this day possible for me. It came to me not as a surprise but as a task and responsibilities that I have to do to sustain this position.”

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