Happy Birthday To A Leader We Can Trust

By KGB Oguakwa

Dr. Ifeanyichukwu Lawrence Ugwuanyi, fondly Gburugburu, alumnus of St Theresa’s College , Nsukka, alumnus of University of Nigeria, Nsukka, alumnus of House of Representatives, Abuja, and currently two-term Executive Governor of Nigeria’s Enugu State, a lion of genteel roar, is a quintessential leader.

If we did not live in this age; if we all are not witnesses, each and every one of us, then, it would have been difficult to believe that one man; …that the example of one single person; …that the humility in leadership of one individual; can decisively douse the flames and smoke of the acrimonious. This is God’s gift to Enugu State at a time when the rally of unity for peace, justice and development is most urgent.

Under his Gubernatorial watch, the shut doors opened, to usher in the excluded; …the windows flung wide, to illuminate yesterday’s darkened rooms of State; …the formerly under-represented, were plentifully included; and …the previously privileged, retained their seats at the developmental table.

Indeed, the Holy Bible’s Proverbs, 29 verse 2 proclaims that, “when the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice”.

Peace is usually taken for granted. It is as unquantifiable as it is incorporeal. Peace is a very expensive resource. Yet, because of the trust which our population have in Governor Ugwuanyi, an unbelievable cloud of peace has continued its overhang throughout Enugu State during this award-winning tenure.

With world-acknowledged humility, he led the battle against the Covid19 pandemic from the front -the very first Governor to keep the face-mask always properly adorned and in permanent public view as he pushed forward vigorous public enlightenment, timely and transparent delivery of palliatives, intensive public-spaces’ fumigation, reconstruction , remodeling , refitting and outfitting the Colliery Hospital Enugu designating it as an Infectious Disease Isolation and Treatment Centre and he approved Life Assurance Policies for frontline workers combating the COVID-19 pandemic. The first State to get the Covid19 vaccine for its people. Governor Ugwuanyi’s proactiveness saved countless lives.

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Along with his massive investment in uplifting human infrastructure, comes one of the most ambitious and successful multi-sectoral developmental Programmes embarked upon since Premier Dr. M.I. Okpara’s long defunct Eastern Regional Government. Housing development, over 620 kilometers of Roads -excluding the ongoing flagship Project, the “Nike-Lake-Axis Flyover, Education, Health care delivery, Agriculture, Security and our Civil Service have all been positively impacted.

Like a towering Lion, he has uplifted our Tourism & Sports Sector, expanded Youth Development & Empowerment; invested in ICT Development, is an ardent adherent of Gender Equality and repositioning of the Girl-Child, and is also a reliable benefactor of market traders & the development of commercial enterprise.

Routinely visiting hospitals, settling bills for the indigent; rescuing students unable to otherwise afford the lowest school fees; attending events, mingling freely; dispatching Buses throughout Nigeria during festive periods to bring back indigenes of Enugu State free-of -charge; & he pioneered the direct funding of community-based projects, placing millions of Naira directly into the hands of all the communities to execute projects chosen by them. Ugwuanyi is truly a Governor for all of our people, big or small.

God shall lead you towards a tomorrow, where, from a new pedestal, ensconced within the federal capital city of Abuja, the entire Nigerian benefit from your golden touch which we in Enugu presently enjoy today.

You have given us pervasive peace, even-handed justice, hard-won security, amazing inclusiveness, progressive unity, unparalleled magnanimity, disarming humility, integrated development and forgiving tolerance. Your love of God and of Ndi Enugu is evidenced by the sum of your governance actions. We are proud to offer today, our most hearty congratulations on the 57th Birthday of a People’s Governor who has placed our dear Enugu State In The Hands of God.

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“Happy Birthday to A Leader We Can Trust”, was written by the Governor’s friend, KGB Oguakwa.

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