Gumi’s Indictment Of Security Forces Staggering; Deserves Independent Probe, Says HURIWA

Prominent Civil Rights Advocacy group:- HUMAN RIGHTS WRITERS ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA (HURIWA) has asked both the Nigeria Army and the Nigeria Police Force to cover their faces in unmitigated shame for their shameless cowardice and pampering of the Kaduna Islamic Cleric Ahmed Gumi who continues to defend terrorists and flouting with reckless abandon, the Nation’s anti-terrorism law which prohibits aiding and abetting of terrorists.
Besides, the Rights group has asked President Muhammadu Buhari to constitute an independent investigative commission to probe the staggering allegations of conspiratorial collusions between security forces and terrorists as made by the Kaduna based Islamic teacher Sheikh Ahmed Gumi.
In a statement by the National Coordinator Comrade Emmanuel Onwubiko and the National Director of Press Miss Zainab Yusuf, HURIWA dismissed as puerile, infantile, irrational illogical and cowardly, the official responses to the damaging allegations made by Gumi by the Army and Police about the unholy communion between security forces and the terrorists terrorizing the whole of North West carrying out a rash of kidnappings and killings.
HURIWA  which said there’s no smokes without fire, affirmed thus: “Whereas Sheikh Gumi has consistently accused the security forces of working with the terrorists, neither the Federal government, nor the security forces have instituted legal action against the prominent Kaduna based Islamic Cleric who is credited by even the National Security Adviser of having unfettered access to the terrorists in the North West of Nigeria. With his acclaimed access to the terrorists,  is it not conceivably possible that he has some intelligence alluding to a possible unholy alliances between security forces and the terrorists? This clear display of unprofessionalism and cowardice by both the Army and Police shows that after all, these allegations that the security forces work with terrorists deserves the most forensic and independent investigations.”
Dismissing these allegations with mere wave of hands as have been done by the Police and Army is totally unacceptable, argues the prominent Civil Rights Advocacy Group- HUMAN RIGHTS WRITERS ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA (HURIWA). The Rights group then compared the tepid reactions of Army and Police to Gumi’s very elaborate accusations to the childish cries of the ‘CHIHUAHUA PET DOG’.
HURIWA said it does not make any sense that a person with considerable knowledge about the workings of terrorists in the North West otherwise called armed bandits by the Government has made such a major damaging claim of criminal collusion between security forces that ought to protect the territorial integrity of Nigeria and terrorists threatening National security, and the best response we can get are the childish cries from Army spokesman and the police. This is a crying shame, HURIWA, insists.

HURIWA recalled that the Nigerian Police Force has on Wednesday, June 23, 2021, said it will not comment on the allegation of Sheik Ahmad Gumi that security operatives are working with bandits.
The notable Islamic scholar made the allegation when he appeared on ARISE TV on Wednesday morning
While describing banditry as a business, the cleric said, “These bandits, if you don’t know, are cooperating with a lot of bad elements in our security system. This is a business. So many people are involved, you’ll be so surprised.
“They were caught in Zamfara; they were caught everywhere, how do these big weapons cross our borders? How can these big weapons cross our borders and get into the forest without the cooperation of some bad element of the security operatives assisting them? It’s not possible.”
When contacted, the Force Public Relations Officer, Frank Mba, a Commissioner of Police, said he would not speak on Gumi’s allegation till he gets the right context.
“I don’t have anything to say. I have been very busy. I can’t speak on that matter. I have not studied what exactly the man said, the context in which he said it. When I see the words “security agents”, I don’t know whether he’s referring to the police. I can’t say anything for now.”
These reactions by police are humiliating and cowardly, says HURIWA.
HURIWA recalled that on its own part, the Nigeria Army sounded like cowards by warning the Islamic cleric, Sheikh Ahmad Abubakar Gumi, against comments that embolden bandits.
HURIWA cited media report as stating that Brigadier General Onyema Nwachukwu said in a statement as follows: “The Nigerian Army has just been alerted to a submission by Sheikh Ahmad Abubakar Gumi when he featured on Arise TV Morning Show on Wednesday alleging that the Nigerian military is colluding with marauding bandits who have been responsible for various crimes and atrocities against Nigerians and the Nigerian state.
“The Nigerian Army wishes to state that contrary to Sheik Gumi’s claims, the NA remains a bonafide symbol of national unity that has conducted its constitutional responsibilities in the most professional manner in line with global best practices of adherence to the rules of engagement and protection of the fundamental human rights of the citizenry.
“The sweeping allegation peddled by the scholar is not only sad and unfortunate, but a calculated attempt to denigrate the Nigerian military and undermine the sacrifices of our patriotic troops, who are working tirelessly to restore peace and stability across the country.”, the Army stated.
HURIWA which expressed dissatisfaction with the incoherent response of the Army, said even as it is making a call for the investigation of the allegations made by Gumi, it is incomprehensible that Ahmed Gumi has continued to contravene the nation’s anti-terrorism laws, but the security forces seems to be afraid to arrest and prosecute him but prefers to exchange verbal words like petty traders in a village market square.

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