Group Seeks Total Eradication Of Malaria In Taraba

A None Governmental Organization NGO, Wake-Wayed in Collaboration with Taraba Youth Progressive Association (TYPA) called on the government to follow suit in engaging totally in the fight against Malaria as it’s the number one killer disease in the country.

The program which was held at the Taraba Youth Progressive Association (TYPA) head office on Thursday in Jalingo the State capital, the group distribute 50 LLIN mosquito nets to residents and victims of malaria to help curtail the spread of malaria.

Speaking at the distribution point, the chairlady of the NGO Pst Favour Dafid said “malaria is a major killer disease in Africa and it has affected Nigeria and Taraba most, we see the need to go about sensitizing people on how to prevent themselves from malaria by sharing the LLIN mosquito nets and giving orientation on how to keep the environment clean. We therefore, called on the government to follow suit in this fight fully against malaria in this country”.

The chairman of Civil Society in Malaria, Immunization, and Nutrition (ACOMIN) Alhaji Tanko Danburam says, the fight against malaria in Nigeria is not been taking serious, citing example to Rwanda, which according to him Rwanda has engage in total fumigation of the country using drones to fight malaria. He further said, the Nigeria government have more financial strength than the Rwanda government and can do more in the fight against malaria.

In their different remarks, the coordinator, National Human Right Commission, who appreciates the effort of the organization in fighting malaria, called on pregnant and nursing mothers to be cognizant in preventing malaria as they are prompt to be infected.

The CEO and the program Officer of TYPA, Mr Boniface Koson and Francisca Ikyumen, who received the nets for distribution, promise to make judicious application in sharing the nets across, and also sensitizing residents on the proper use of the LLIN mosquito nets.

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