Gov. Zulum: A Prodigy @52

I hold that, the most successful people in life are often those who have known suffering, who have known loss, who have met failures, defeats and general challenges and have found their ways out of those depths of abandonment.
I am familiar with the adage that, “success has many parents, but failure is an orphan”and I feel that, maker of above statement seem to have Borno State Governor, Professor Babagana Umara Zulum at the back of his mind.
Perhaps, there was no significant landmark at his birth in that obsecure environment, typical of a rural setting. There might not have been signs either, that, a unique child had been born. But as the saying goes, “The year you were born marks only your entry into the world. Other years when you prove your worth are the ones worth celebrating.
What people are celebrating today is not his birth, rather his rise from obsecurity to walk in the corridors of power and affluence. Here is a man who was born into poverty, unnoticed by the world , but who turned around his fortunes for the best.
Professor Babagana Umara Zulum’s exploits in life today have given him so many parents and siblings, each of whom want to identify with him.
I dare say, that, from a humble but noble background, Zulum rose from the obsecure Mafa town of Borno State to walk in the corridors and pull the reins of power in a manner that is uncommon in the country’s history.
So, I woke up this morning at a labyrinth: with the urge to write something and be amongst the many parents of Professor Zulum, knowing today marks his fifty second birthday, but not knowing at which point to take off. It is further compounded by the fact that, there is no language one can use as accolade on the Governor that has not already been used by others.
The story of Professor Babagana Umara Zulum is no longer new, one unique thing about it however, is the fact that, behind the fine and impressive stories told about the man is a very expensive sacrifice, which many leaders may not be able to offer, for the service of other men and the country.
Professor Zulum’s life story often elicits emotions looking back at where he came from, compared to where God has catapulted him today.
No story can be more expensive than the story of a man who had to ferry firewood from the bush, serve as motor boy, commercial bus driver and performed other minimal jobs in order to survive and to pay for his way through school to the point of Professorship.
I could imagine as a young man, when he trekked in the hot sands of Maiduguri to attend lectures from where he worked for others on empty stomach.
Everytime I mention Zulum, I never fail to pay special tribute to his predecessor, Senator Kashim Shettima, whom God blessed with the exceptional foresight to promote his candidature. Many people did not believe Kashim Shettima when he told stakeholders, before picking Zulum, that he was giving Borno the best. Events have vindicated him.
Of all the sacrifices Zulum has to offer, the most expensive remains his offer to die, but so that peace will come to Borno and that his people are bailed out of twelve years of suffering.
Fifty times they tried to take his life and fifty times he survived. At every instance, Zulum returns to the enclave where attempts were made on his life, giving people a sense of citizenship and offers of livelihood.
Very often, his lieutanants are reluctant going with him to some of the dangerous spots across the state, but very often too, such spots are his favourite places to visit.
I do not want to delve into his developmental projects, as I believe the compendium on his media outings has adequately captured that. I also know that documentaries have covered all areas, but I could not resist mentioning some of those attributes that stand him out.
I believe that Zulum’s successes are not measured by his accomplishments alone, but by the opposition he encountered and the courage with which he maintained the struggle for peace, justice and equity in Borno state. These could be seen in many of his actions and utterances, which have also served as the compass for members of his cabinet and his other aides.
Perhaps, his quest for a peaceful Borno remains one of the legacies Governor Zulum shall always be remembered for.
His passion for the return peace and the relocation of citizens to their ancestral abodes remain uncompromising. This perhaps informed by schools gives hope.
I would have continued, but that will take me into areas, I earlier tried avoiding.
I wish our Governor a happy birthday and pray, that, the God who saved him from the hands of those who wished him dead, will uphold him.

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