Gold Linked To Yari: Imprisonment Before Arrest And Sensational Journalism

The news currently flying on different social media regarding the interception of large quantity of gold belonging to Former Zamfara state governor AbdulAziz Yari has once again exposed the desperate moves of detractors opposed the former governor’s rising profile as he is set to clinch the top seat of the ruling party APC.How on earth can the interception according to the online reports in Ghana even before preliminary investigation by the Ghana Police said to belong to Yari.How?Was the Ghana Airport commandant inspector General of police that issued the statement because from the reports no authority of either of the two was mentioned there then how come Yari’s was found Tobe the owner of the alleged gold?From all indications,the enemies have orchestrated new methods to dent the image of Yari which is not possible because Nigerians are not fools.Not long ago,some paid agents published on social media that he was barred by Nigerian President which was a fallacy.Internationally,policing has standards which has to do with discreet information.Anyone can be arrested and claim that Yari sponsored him or her which could be mere tricks to tarnish his image.Thank God Yari was not reported to have been slapped by one of his subjects as done to a serving President recently.

No matter what,the antics of enemies has failed for the simple reason that digital age has made every household to censor publications before believing and taking them serious.Not even the President Muhammadu Buhari has been free from unjustified criticisms ranging from non possession of school certificate to other issues which never deprived him of achieving and serving the nation.Yari with all this fake reports is only being made popular and stronger everyday.One evidence in the report that discredited it is an area where they mentioned the former governor being investigated by one of the anti graft agencies.For someone to rise to the top in Nigeria attracts maligning of image why? Certain political miscreants are envious of the increasing profile of Yari.If the late Sir Ahmadu Bello was not free who else will be free? Even the APC national leader Ahmed Bola Tinubu is also having his own flesh of it.The contest for the APC national chairman by Yari is still on and that is the singular reason why these disgruntled elements are bent on destroying the astute and altruistic statesman.

Arogunbiade Ifedamilola writes from Abuja

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