Giant Strides of Capt Junaid Abdullahi At Boarder Communities Development Agency BCDA


Because of the dexterity, frugality and meticulous disposition required to man an aircraft, the current management of Boarder Communities Development Agency BCDA under a trained and well versed pilot, Capt Junaid Abdullahi, the Executive Secretary is laced with not only administrative acumen, but financial prudence, transparent process and accountable template, towards resolving the thorny conditions of communities around the country’s boarder line.

With the mandate to resolve without needless bureaucracy, the critical conditions of the boarder communities in Nigeria which ranges from lack of basic socal amenities, infrastructure and development, no doubt the turn of events three years down the line had showed a remarkable progress, performance and improvement in the lives of Nigerians living along our boarders .

Determined to make a change within a timeline inspite the effects of COVID across the globe, soon after his appointment in 2019, with Nigerian not an exception, Capt Junaid Abdullahi consciousness on the plight residents in 21 boarder states along with 3,000 communities was with determination to reduce to the barest minimum effects of degradation in all ramifications.

With his exposure and experience both in business administration and aviation sector, occasioned by a high level qualifications both in commercial jet and helicopter piloting, it became seamless as the Executive Secretary, Boarder Communities Development Agency BCDA to articulate and tackled headlong ranges of anti social security militating against the downtrodden masses across the boarder communities.

Therefore, the impact of COVID and subsequent lockdown was a springboard to attract more succour to the vulnerable communities along boarders with a view to attracting sustainable development template.

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Some years down the line, notable and visible achievements had been realised by the Capt Junaid Abdullahi led Boarder Communities in steming the tide of socio-economic , infrastructural, skill development, capacity building among other areas of development across the boarder states in Nigeria.

With an enabling environment created by the new leadership, the agency without hitches set the ball rolling with it’s statutory obligations of providing empowerment, capacity building and social services outlets to the boarder communities with flip application of due processes.

It had with due diligence three years running under Capt Junaid Abdullahi’s leadership through the execution of over 300 projects across 21 states that boarders other nations in Nigeria, statutorily and year in year out to ameliorate the critical conditions of about 3 ,000 communities enumerated in the communities.

This is different from it’s policy of attracting federal lawmakers both at the green and red chambers, through domiciliation of Zonal intervention projects, ZIP also of over 300 for three years running consecutively, that had stabilized and brought reasonable reliefs to boarder communities in the country.

This achievements was realisable by Boarder Communities with over 650 projects direct and zonal interventions in different sectors like Education, Health care services, Water and Sanitation, Skill acquisition centres, processing mills, roads and drainages, erosion control to enable farmers move their farms products across communities.

The agency also provided electricity through alternative power supply of solar lights , poverty alleviation, empowerment, capacity building and enterpreneurship training to enhance rural income generation that created and improved local contents.

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Three years down the line under Capt Junaid Abdullahi, he had impacted positively to nip social disparities, revive social security, created employment opportunities, and reduced to the barest minimum the incidence of criminal elements in the boarder communities.

Under Junaid with deep hub in socio-economic development and intervention, reintegration, infrastructural development, effective boarder crime control and security that will protect lives and properties across boarder states hitherto prone to all vices.

With Capt Junaid Abdullahi’s disposition and strides in Boarder communities in the last three years, his re-appointment for a second term after the first term, will stabilized the process of reintegration of the communities to the rest of the country.

ABUBAKAR YUSUF, A Public Affairs Analyst Writes From Abuja, All inquiries to

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