Ganawuri-Atakar, Atakar-Fulani Conflicts: KAPECOM, PPBA Negotiates Peace

By Bomba Dauda

The Kaduna State Peace Commission in conjunction with Plateau State Peace Building Agency organized peace summits for the two estranged people of Ganawuri and Atakar to fashion a leeway out of their current predicament following a communal clash that ensued between the two communities where many people were gruesomely killed and properties destroyed.

Since the violent conflict between these two ethnic nationalities occurred, the Atakar people deserted the Ganawuri land, which was playing host to them for the past decades. This current efforts by two agencies is to reconcile the two ethnic groups and seek ways of returning the Atakar people who have expressed readiness if the peace building effort yields the desire outcome.

The peace summit was held on Wednesday at the Chief Palace of Ata Ateng in Ganawuri of Riyom Local Government Area (LGA) of Plateau State and on Thursday at the Chief Palace of Atakar in Kaura LGA of Kaduna State respectively. The summit had in attendance Youths representatives of Ateng, Fulani, Atakar and Women.

While in Ganawuri, the National Youth President of Ateng Development Association, Mr Song Muri attributed most of the Age-long conflicts to the boundary between Atakar people of Kaduna State and Ganawuri people of Plateau State and lack of loyalty by the people of Atakar to the At Ateng.

According to him he expected that the Atakar people living under the Chiefdom of Ateng to see them as brothers, urging them to see need to pay their loyalty to their Chief.

He explained that the age-long conflicts can be resolved amicably if the people living in the Chiefdom see themselves as one instead of enemies of each other.

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Some of the participants suggested that the issue of land and boundaryu should be properly investigated and addressed by the duo States.

The participants also appealed to the Commissions to ensure the safe return of those displaced to their various Communities, stressing that will foster peace.

Umar Abubakar from Atakar lamented that the Fulanis displaced in Atakar are ready to return to their Communities but the condition given to them by the natives is too stringent for them.

He further appealed to the Atakar Communities to see the need to embrace them back as they’re determine to ensure they go back to the olding days were they live peacefully.

A Fulani elder from Ganawuri, Isa Bayero, attributed drug abuse and lawlessness by the youths as one of the factors that continue to disrupt the peace process.

Adding,” Government must begin to look for events that will bring all the warring parties together, which can help settle their differences and find a common ground that they will co-exist and developed their confidence.

While in Atakar Chiefdom, Some of the women participants agreed that all parties involved have suffered alots of casualties, hence the need for them to caution their husbands to sheath their swords to allow peace to reign.

According to women, In most cases the women are always at the receiving end of every violence, as women we’re ready to go back to our Communities. Let’s stop the blame game and look for modalities that will unite us.

The permanent Commissioner Kaduna State Peace Commission, Haj. Khadijay Gambo said the country must begin to look at ways to end the issue of settlers and indigenship which has become a cancer in our Society.

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She explained that issue of settlers or indigenship is caused by poverty,” If I am rich there is no way I will be fighting over land, I can go to anywhere and buy my land and build my houses or Farm.

“Not that I am undermining the issue of land but we must be alive to make use of it. We must live together as God brought us together.”

Khadija also appealed to all the warring parties to see humanity first in all their engagement with either an Ateng Man, Fulani or Atakar person, stressing that it is the only thing that will make us Co-exist together peacefuly.

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