Fulani youth Coalition blames Anti-Grazing Law In South-east on Northern Governors


Group under the auspices of ‘coalition of Fulani Youth group’ has blame the anti-grazing Law in the South-eastern part of Nigeria on the negligence of the Northern States Governors Forum.

The group in a statement signed and issued to PUNCH on Sunday by its national President, Mal. Abdulkareem Bayero, said the attitudes of Northern Governors Forum towards the plights and misfortunes of Herdsmen across the nation was unfortunate.

According to them the situation was worrisome and most negative turn of events was as a result of decades of neglect to the plights of the herdsmen.

“There has never been a Governor over the years who has provided enough budgetary allocation to the issue of livestock developments despite of the huge amounts of money which was supposed to be channelled into the Livestock Development but such budgetary allocation were diverted to other sectors and their luxuries.

” As it were and I may not be wrong that today you are reaping what you sowed,” Bayero said.

He further explained that the attitudes of the Northern Governors was what premeditated the Fulani herdsmen to traveled up East, South and South western regions to survive which now has turn the herdsmen into near genocidal situations and were driven out in an inhumane and unconstitutional manner.

” When we juxtaposed these problems with the current situation of things in Nigeria , there was an immediate need to stop Massive looting and corruption, adding all Nigerians should be considered as brothers with mutual respect no matter which part they came from.

” The plights of Fulani herdsmen should be properly studied inorder for them to live in peace and harmony within any community they find themselves, stressing the plights and dangerous situations of the Pastoralist should not be politicized, but rather it should be consider as the Constitutional responsibility of every governor and even the Presidency,” The group added.


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