Food: The Greatest Weapon For Warfare

By James Patrick

Some people think that the greatest weapon ever invented to eliminate a large population of Human being is the Atomic bomb or the nuclear weapon. As powerful as these biological weapons may be, they could only achieve so much in destroying only the human body. The Ak 47, the M16, the grenade, the war machines , the sea weapons, the war aircraft and the land mines could only be use to destroy the Human body. They can do as much as destroying the human flesh. They could maim, kill, damage and inflict unimaginable harm to the human body but they can never damage the human soul or the human mind. Am glad to let u know that the human mind and soul are the most significant part of the human life. All the above weapons of WARFARE could only destroy the human body but food and negative words could destroy both the human body first, the soul and controls the mind. Once a man controls the feeding of a people, once a man can dictates to a set of people on their means of livelihood, then that man has control over not only their body but their soul and their mind. This is a simply but very dangerous strategy that could be use to completely exterminate the political consciousness of a whole generation of people. If you control the food, you can control the human mind and when you can control the human mind, you can control their entire life. People would do whatsoever you tell them to do if you have power over what they eat or drink. A man would only respect or fear you for a short time if you are holding an AK 47 riffle in front of him. But he may seizes to be afraid of you when hunger sets in. He may wrestle the weapon with you or better still ignore you and move to a place where to find food to eat. This is a subtle but very deadly weapon that was used and it is still in use, most especially, in African Politics. Most African politicians, both dead or alive are not as powerful as people think they are. They couldn’t have been commanding such high level of influence in the lives of the people if they have not find a way to make earning a living ten time harder for the ordinary man on the street. One of The greatest scholars of the 19 century, Karl Marx once said; ” the economic condition of a man determines his level of consciousness” African politicians have found a way to control the minds of the peoples through intentionally impoverishing them and making sure that food is scares on their tables. They invent harsh economic policies that would further sink millions into more and more poverty. Once the people are poor, they are easily susceptible in the hands of these heinous politician who could manipulate them to get whatever they want any day, anytime. A hungry man is not only an angry man but a weapon that could be use by politician to destroy his fellow human being. Most of us may not be familiar with how these things work. But the politicians who used and are using this weapon know how it works and they are using it on us on a daily basis. Take for example the late Adedobu of Ibadan who was popularly known as the grand father of “Amala” politics . This man who was allegedly ill-informed remote controlled the minds of the people living in the largest city of west Africa through feeding them on a daily basis. Those who visited the city testified how thousands of the helpless people of Ibadan flock around his house twenty four seven daily, looking for food to eat. He made sure that food was always available for whosoever wished to feed his stomach – guess what, everybody was hungry and his house became the daily restaurant for many indigen of Ibadan. This way, the great Adedobu was able to control the entire politics of the state. He became not only a godfather or king maker but also a demigod in the state. Whoever was his choice automatically became the Governor of the state. When a seating Governor whom he singlehandedly placed on the seat became disobedient, he would unseat that Governor and replaced him with another who would be obedient to him. During his days, we saw alot of impeachment going on in the Oyo state house of assembly. Also, another good example is the late Saraki who succeeded in using food to build a dynasty in kwara State. When he was alive, he was bigger than the state itself and whatsoever he said came to pass. Nobody dared him – everything went according to how he wanted it. He was able to unseat a Governor and brought back the last Senate president of the eight assembly, who happened to be his biological son to replace the Governor . This was how powerful the late Olusala Saraki who himself was a Senate president and his son Bukola Saraki also enjoyed the seat of a Senate president . All these political feat in Nigerian which they were able to achieve became possible because they fed the people of Kwara State. I learnt that till this day, people still go to the house of the sarakis for food on a daily basis. Not to forget that the sister of Bukola Saraki still holds a political position in the present dispensation. In a nut shell, all am saying is that food is the greatest weapon which can be use to destroy a whole generation. If you take a good look at the two example above, you would see how this two great politicians used food to buy the minds of the people which gave them the free access to manipulate their destinies. You may not actually get the clear picture of what am trying to paint here, about the weapon of food control or better still, you may not fully comprehend the correlation between food as a poisonous weapon and how it was used to exercise control over the destinies of a people. Let’s cast our minds back and take a vivid look at the Nigerian civil war that took place between 1967-1970. The Igbos showed bravery, ingenuity, creativity, courage and resilience during the time of the war. Without any formal military training on the art of warfare, the people of eastern Nigerian faced the well armed Nigerian soldier and nearly brought them to their knees. Despite the fact that the Biafran soldiers were ill-quipped, underfunded and untrained, they kept the war going by engaging the well trained Nigerian soldiers for three solid years. The Nigerian soldiers could have lost if not for the wicked wisdom of the late Obafemi Awolowo of blessed memories. At the heat of the war he told the federal government; ” you can’t be fighting them and be feeding them at the same time” what he meant was that if the federal government must win the war, they must block food from reaching the easterners. As simple as this wicked wisdom may sound to your ear, this was what ended the three years Nigerian civil war. The moment food supply was blocked from getting to the east, they became too weak to fight. According to some political analyst, many easterners ( mainly women and innocent children) died from starvation than from the barrel of guns. This is how powerful the weapon of food is to winning a war!
As at today, I will like you all to know that Nigerian is the third most terrorized Nation of the world. Boko haram in Nigeria is one of the top four most deadliest terrorist group in the world. It may interest us to know that Boko haram as a terrorist group in north east is spreading like wield fire, moving from north east to north central and from north central to north west. They are gradually speeding their tentacle all across the Nation of Nigerian. I would also like you to be aware of the fact that this dangerous group have of a recent changed their strategy. Prior this time, they only detonate bombs in strategy places like worship centers, markets, viewing centers etc to create fear and panic in the minds of the people. They did this through the use of suicide bombers who go around exploding themselves and killing hundreds of innocent citizens. In my thinking, this was not achieving the maximum impact they desired . So, They moved to attacking government buildings, government offices, united Nation buildings etc. This strategy worked but it seemed outdated, so they changed their strategy and moved to kidnappings people both in maiduguri, zamfara, sokoto and the dreaded kaduna to Abuja high way which became or it is still a safe heaven for kidnapping activities. Nobody is now safe both the rich and the poor. The kaduna to Abuja highway is now the hot spot where kidnappers usually have a free day carrying out their daily activities. Nigeria’s could no longer travel on the Nigerian roads peacefully anymore. lives are been lost daily through the terrible activities of these Boko haram guys who have changed strategy by metamorphosing into hoodlums, kidnappers and arm bandits. In all of these, the country seems to be marching on as if nothing is happening . Every day you wake up, you hear the news of how people were killed on our highways in cold blood. what baffles me the most is how these sad stories no longer moves anybody anymore. They have now become so normal that we no longer get budged by them, we go about our normal lives as if its not human lives we are talking about. Be that as it may, this strategy by the Boko boys have achieved and its still achieving their set desires, but they seem not to be satisfied by this, so they have of a recent changed their strategy. Their new strategy is to attack the food security of this country. This is where I think the Nigerian government needs to wake up from their slumber and declare a war with these guys. If not for anything, their nest agenda would be so disastrous to the Nigerian state as a whole, not only those living in the north. Their plan is to interrupt the availability and affordability of food across the country by attacking hardworking farmers on their farm lands. The recent killing of over 43 rice farmers on their farm land while they were harvesting their crops in Borno State is a clear pointer to what am saying. Two days after this Carlos act, over fifty farmers were also killed in kastina state. Some villages in kastina no longer go to their farms out of fear of been attached by unknown gun men. The incessant attack on farmers in Benue State by some so called fulani herdsmen goes a long way to comfirm all am saying. In Zamfara currently, farmers bribe the gun men in order to plant their crops and also pay them when its times for them to harvest their farm produce. In sokoto the same thing. In maiduguri it’s the same thing. If a farmer cannot pay he or she either stays away from the farm land or risked been killed. If our farmers cannot go to their farms anymore how do we feed the nation? Their plan is simply to scare people away from farming and when that happens their would be famine in the country. Prices of food stuff will skyrocket, while those who could not afford food would have no option but to starve to death. The Nigerian government needs to face this guys headlong. These guys have declared war against the Nigerian state, the earlier we give them the taste of their own meal the better for the safety and security for all a sundry in this country. It’s so pathetic that these guys keep gaining ground. They keep changing strategy but their goals still remains the same. But the Nigerian soldiers seems to be loosing their ground. To me, they have ran out of ideas on how to defeat these guys. May be its time to change those in the helms of the security affairs in the Nigerians state. May be its time to improvise new strategies on how to confront this guys. May be its time for the DSS to unravel the sponsors of this terrorist group and equally block food from reaching them in the sambisa forest. May be its time to change the entire security architecture of this country because its no longer working. I pray we don’t regret the way we are handling this terrorist groups who have vowed to make our nation bleed to death!

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