Father’s Day: Take Responsibility Of Your Children, Brig Gen Bindu Tells Parents

The Director, Joint Studies, Armed Forces Command and Staff College, Jaji, Kaduna State, Brig Gen Ibrahim Bindu has urged fathers to take responsibility in raising their families for a better society.

Bindu spoke on Sunday in a sermon to mark this year’s Father’s Day celebration at the House on the Rock Church Kaduna.

Father’s Day is a holiday of honouring fatherhood and paternal bonds, as well as the influence of fathers in societies.

Bindu noted that as the globe marked the Day, fathers should realise that having a better society was predicated on them taking the responsibility to raise God-fearing children who would in turn become credible leaders that would better the society.

“A good society can not bring up a bad leader and a bad leader can not bring up a good society.

“Children are growing up in a time of moral decadence as such, fathers must take responsibility to inculcate Godly virtues in them,” he added.

Bindu, who quoted from the book of Ruth chapters 2, 3 and 4, as well as Proverbs 22 verse 6, cited an example of Boaz whom he described as one who possessed qualities of a father worthy of emulation.

“Like Boaz, fathers should possess the virtues of being industrious, a believer of God, respectful, compassionate, men of integrity and sacrificial.

“Teach your children healthy patterns of humility, integrity, truth and honour.

“Children pick and learn from us what we do consciously or unconsciously as such, what they see is what they do and become,” Bindu elaborated.

He enjoined fathers to be fervent in prayers as heads of their homes to avoid dysfunctional homes and ensure a better society.

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“Our leaders are a product of society and families, so if we want a better society, we must raise Godly children,” he added.

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