Every Land I Touch…Thoughts Of A Cosmopolitan

By Abdulwarees Solanke

Every Land I Touch Thoughts of a Cosmopolitan

Whenever you’re leaving wherever you live, leave part of you behind

Wherever you go, go with a heart of gold that glows with the good of your land

Everywhere you go, give your heart, and everything you touch wherever you go turns gold

Everywhere you go, every land you touch you turn your home, and every man you meet you find your brother

Every land you touch, bring the spice of your land, teaching its sons the good of your soil, taking from it the good of its sons

This earth is one and its people – black, white or red –
live on blood that’s red flowing in veins similar

Man’s spleen, his heart or liver, his bones and flesh under laser or the scalpel is so same, telling us man is one

Wherever you go, go with a heart of gold
and you’ll find it your land of gold, a place of comfort and part of you
as every land I touch becomes part of me

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