Establishment Of State Vigilantes Will Address Security Challenges -Retired ACP

A retired Assistant Commissioner of Police, Dr. Uche Mike Chukwuma, the establishment of state government-owned vigilante groups, across the 36 states in the country, will address the current security challenges being faced by the country.

Chukwuma, who is also the director-general of the Rivers State Neighbourhood Watch Agency, disclosed this while speaking with LEADERSHIP in Port Harcourt.

He stated that such vigilante groups must be solidly-financed and funded by the respective state governments, must also be backed by State House of Assembly law.

The retired senior Police officer said: “I think the state governments should be able to work with internal mechanism. We have what they call vigilantes, which are not professionally established, legally established.

“The state vigilantes, neighbourhood watches or whatever name they bear that had been established by State House of Assembly laws, should be properly funded supported to continue working with federal police and other security agencies in existence. Then, motivate them too because they know the nooks and crannies of the communities.”

Chukwuma stated that no matter the amount of resources put in, the present Nigeria Police Force cannot handle the country’s current security challenges.

He said: “I can tell you the truth, the Nigerian Police, as established, no matter the magic you will bring into it, can never handle the security challenges in our society, in our communities again as it used to be in then days.

“I was an insider and I have left and I know the challenges we met towards the close-tail of our service days and the situation it is now. It is even worse now. The federal police as established is not being catered for by the federal government.

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“The meagre salary they are paying to them is not enough. It is the state governments that are funding almost all the equipments that the federal police is using today. That is why every policeman and personnel of other security agencies who find themselves manning the roads are always toll-gating illegally and openly too for that matter.

“Look at this kpofire thing we are talking about, frankly speaking, it has been flourishing because security agencies from the federal establishments as it were, have been aiding and abetting them all these while. They have not carried every other person along.

“But if the state governments have solidly financed and funded vigilante agencies officially created by law, they will be able to work wholeheartedly knowing that one, they have no where else to go to; they will not go on transfer, this is their state. They will work with the federal government-established security agencies and in their presence, there will be no sabotage. That is it.”

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