El-Rufai Further Breaking Our Fault Lines Of Diversity – SOKAPU


The Southern Kaduna People Union (SOKAPU) has accused the Kaduna State Governor of using the fault lines of the region diversity to further break them instead of managing it for peace and progress.

The President of the Union, Hon. Jonathan Asake stated this when Senator Shehu Sani paid a courtesy visit to the National Secretariat, recently in Kaduna.

Asake said el-Rufai has failed to manage the diversity of the people for peace and progress but chose to find the fault lines of their diversity to further break them.

According to him the Governor’s utterances has fan the embers of crises at a time when Communities are sacked and innocent people are maim and killed in a very barbaric manner.

The President recalled that when it was the Sharia crises between February and May, 2000, thousands of people were killed, properties worth billions of naira destroyed because somebody moved a motion in the House of Assembly that Sharia be implemented in Kaduna State and looking at the diversity the Governor then, Ahmed Mohammed Makarfi in his wisdom constituted a committee on legal reforms. Today we have customary courts, Sharia court, magistrate etc. These conventional courts gives every citizen a choice to go to any of these to seek for legal redress.

” That is wisdom of a leader not to continue to fan the embers of hate,” Asake said.

” Makarfi did not stop there, every tribe was given a Chief and they had their District Heads and Chiefs. Today, what we have with the present Government of Nasir Ahmed el-Rufai is that those District Heads most of them have been removed and he has appointed his own. Most of these Communities don’t have leaders that can direct their affairs.

” Some of the Chiefs, like the Agwom Adara who was kidnapped and Killled two years after no new Chief has been appointed, but we know an Emirate have been created and other places.

Adding, “What’s playing out today we’re seeing a leadership that’s not managing our diversity for the unity and our progress but manipulating our diversity for a political purposes.

” And I always say when he seat in his office he will see lines of pictures before him. He will see Balarebe Musa that is one Hero that we have had in this State and the nation at large and the Man is still living as a Hero, adding his utterances still serve as a guide and we’ll not forget past Governors that have served our State diligently,” He noted.

He further maintained that the present Governor will soon go down to history. On those pictures there are so many behind him and when he leaves office there will be so many after him.

” Life is about humanity not about religion what can be done for the Christians is as good for the Muslims. Life is not about exploring sentiment and further divide the people but managing diversity for the common unity and development.

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