El-Rufai, Can You Be A Father To All In Kaduna State?

By Apostle Emmanuel Egoh Bako

A lot of us find it worrisome that a governor who should be a father to all in the state is leading or ruling out of sentiments and judging a segment based on stereotypes. Who takes pleasure in intimidating others that by God’s choice, are different from him.
The speed at which you often pounce on dissenting voices is abnormal. Please, remember that every position is a trust and that life and power are transient. Learn from history and other civilized societies. No group of individuals have been successfully kept for long under dictatorial regimes without fighting back. Freedom of speech and expression is never a gift from governments but a God-given resource. Human Rights are not traded in the market that you will expect our people to give you theirs to buy.
We still remember your comments while you were campaigning. Your assertions were terrible. No segment of Kaduna State is free from what you are accusing Southern Kaduna people of. Moreover, you couldn’t have become a governor without sons and daughters of the region working hard for you. Many sons and daughters are still with you and we wonder what you think of them using your blurred ethno-religious glasses. People of Southern Kaduna voted for you also. Therefore stop treating us like slaves.
You are too vindictive especially when it comes to Southern Kaduna. You have been stoned in the northern part of Kaduna. You have been denigrated by elites and young people from the north using both the conventional and social media, but life goes on.
But you are hasty in making unsubstantiated allegations against Southern Kaduna People. You told the world that when you gather your evidence, the elites from the region will be taken before the judge. Which evidence did you use to declare them as criminals, organisers of genocide, lazy and that they have always been feeding off government money?
You also said that pastors are instigating the crises because they are the beneficiaries of the situation or collecting brown envelopes from government and foreign aids in exchange for the lives of their loved ones. How ridiculous you are in making such statements. We have outstanding clergy from Southern Kaduna who are of high and international repute, who laboured and are still labouring to maintain the peace and the development of the region. Testimonies abound. I take exception to the above allegations or else, name them.
People from all over the state are hurting. Please can you for once serve as a father to all of us? Can you Stop pursuing your personal agenda? Kaduna State is now more divided and more unsafe under your watch and no elites anywhere are responsible but your archaic type of leadership style.
Be more responsive, empathetic and creative in handling crisis and opposition. Defending and arguing your preconceived notions inevitably keeps taking us backward. Can we have a leader and a father in you?

Apostle Emmanuel Egoh Bako
Secretary General,
Southern Kaduna Christian Leaders Association.

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