el-Rufai: Blame Kaduna Electorates, By JD Ephraim

I hope and pray that the rumour is not true, although specific locations of the property and the beneficiaries have been named. I hope it is not just painting the dog black in order to hang it. Even if it is so, the Governor has not helped matter by his incendiary speeches and actions. Obasanjo, in his published book, captured the character of El-Rufa’i well.His actions as Governor have tended to confirm that. Sometimes I feel he needs some psychiatric help. Here you have somebody who close associates and some people see as humane, kind and considerate. I do not know why the General Overseer, on his recent private visit to Kaduna, confirmed this view of the character of El-Rufa’i. But no sooner than he finished saying that, the “kind and humane ” El-Rufa’i visited his state with massive sacking. But for the private intervention of Obasanjo and the official intervention of the Minister of Labour, the state would have still been burning. But the intervention would most probably forestall outbreak of violence across the state. Then the Air force plane crashed, carrying the Chief of Army Staff and ten other officers some of who were, along with the COAS, top military officers of Kaduna State origin. Then, at their burial in Abuja, El-Rufa’i was shown weeping profusely. It might be genuine. But some people saw it as shedding crocodile tears , as he is lacking in emotions. That is the danger in presenting your self as an unemotional person , even if the policies and actions are for the public good. If indeed, what the social media is carrying on El-Rufa’i allocating choice properties to self, family, and Associates is true (and I wish that it is not true ), then, indeed,it is said that the Leopard can not change its skin. It is a matter of morality. No law says you should not do that. But if one does that, he would be charged with moral corruption , and if proven, would be a serious indictment on the individual accused. A public servant should show good example by not discriminating. But what do you expect when the national government has shown nepotism. But you know what? I do not blame him , I blame the electorates, of Kaduna State, who voted him in, and all those who helped him rig in elections. We will say they have eyes to see, but do not see; they have ears to hear , but do not hear; they have brains to reason , but they do not reason. I am sad. Very sad. I am looking forward to the time when the electorates will us all their sensory organs God gave them and not to be bought cheaply with paltry sums of money and a plate of porridge, or have crooks “teach” them about religion, when they themselves are religiously bankrupt. Both religions teach knowledge, acquisition of knowledge, and its use, but not idiocy. May Allah help us understand religion correctly and apply it correctly in our daily lives.

Joshua D Ephraim.

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