Ekiti FA Reads Riot Acts To Affiliates …Calls For Due Diligence At All Times

By Akeem Busari

Ekiti State Football Association has read out the riot acts to football clubs and organisations in the state. In its continual efforts to take the game in the state to higher heights, the FA led by Bayo Olanlege admonished all its affiliates to adhere strictly to proper work ethics in the state football ecosystem.

Bayo Olanlege expressed his concern over the seeming disregard by football clubs and organisers of football tournaments in the state to follow due diligence and required processes, as it concerns proper affiliation with the state football association.

While addressing the audience at the state SWAN tournament, Olanlege harped on the need to rebuild and rebrand football and its organisation in the state.

He highlighted that there is a clear difference between street football and association football which the State FA is involved with. In association football, the state FA is aware and identifies with the affiliates which could be clubs or organizations.

State FA would be aware of competitions organized by its affiliates, where players could be scouted from such competitions for proper grooming and nurturing.

“Some of our people don’t know the difference between street football where a trophy and some cash prizes are given after competitions and then nothing happens further, to a process where the local football council where the competition is organized is aware and identifies with such competition, hence to the state FA and up to the national level where players can be scouted for state, and national teams even professional football clubs”

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Olanlege further called the attention of club owners to affiliating with the state FA so as to enjoy the benefits that comes with being an Ekiti State FA affiliate club.

He enthused that it will no longer be business as usual as league sides that are yet to do what is required of them will not be cleared to participate in the league.

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