Eid-el-Fitr – Jarimi Facilitate With The Muslims

From Khalil brahim, Kaduna

The Executive Chiarman Kaduna South Local Government Hon. Kabir Yakubu Jarimi, has facilitate with the Muslims on the celebration of Eid el-Fitr.

Jarimi add that, “As we exist this Holy Month, May Almighty Allah Accept our prayers, our fasting and our prostration, and make us among those who have gained from this Ramadan.

“I congratulate you the people of kaduna south for the successful completion of the 30 days of Ramadan, the prayers and fasting you offered which include some special night prayers for peace and unity in our state and county, may the Almighty Allah answer our prayers to keep us in peace and harmony”

He also said, “It’s Eid el-Fitr time, but this year’s season came when our state, country and indeed the whole world was hit by the novel coronavirus pandemic, with its attendant toll on individual and public lives, assets, investments, institutions and more.

The Kaduna South Chiarman said, “Even under the COVID-19 instigated lockdown, we still have cause to celebrate Eid el-Fitr and praise Almighty Allah for keeping us alive to witness the completion of the Ramadan fast which we devoted in seeking divine intervention in this trying time.

He also called the good People of kaduna south, to the fight against the COVID-19 as he said, is a collective one, we therefore urge you to please take responsibility in protecting your health and saving lives. It’s only wise to do the ‘new normal’ to escape the virus and curtail its spread.

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“Please pray to Almighty God to bring an end to the continuous spread of Corona-virus pandemic that is killing people on daily basis and crippling every sector of human development world-wide” he add

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