Drogba Disqualification: FIFA Orders FIF To Stop Its Election

By Sampson Adedeji

Few hours after the invalidation of Didier Drogba’s candidacy as president of the Football of Ivorian Federation ( FIF), world soccer governing body (FIFA) has order the stop of election, BSNSports.com.ng reports.

FIFA intervene last week and demand that the FIF re-establish the electoral commission, FIFA stated two reasons for its decisions First, the ” unfavourable conditions ” present at the meeting organized Tuesday by the electoral commission.

That day, the chairman of the commission, René Diby, had indeed slammed the door because of deep differences and he therefore did not take part in the last deliberations communicated on Thursday.

In addition, FIFA is awaiting clarifications from the FIF and in particular is asking for the list of committee members as well as certain minutes of this assembly.

For the governing body of the round ball, the electoral process can only resume once it has ensured that everything takes place in good conditions and in compliance with its texts.

It is not known for the moment whether FIFA intervened on its own or whether it has already followed up on the request of the Drogba camp which had announced Thursday its decision to file an appeal with it.

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