Don’t Live Your Life For The Fans, Live For Yourself- Anita Keyss

Nigerian actress, Anita Keyss is set to release her movie, Dry Tears which addresses the lives of celebrity. Dry Tears is the third major production from Anita, the first two are: Beauty of the Mind and Silver Spoon. In a chat with Broadway TV,  Anita speaks on a number of things.  Below is the excerpt from the interview.
Nudity has become the order of the day on social media. What is your thought on that?
For me I think it’s crazy, you don’t to expose your body for you to be popular. It doesn’t make sense to me, If you believe in yourself you know you have the talent, you don’t have to expose your body just to get fame. Look at the likes of Omotola, the likes of Genevieve, they didn’t open their selves to get fame, they worked hard and its paying off, so I don’t think you need to expose your body when you just feel, “oh mehn I am not relevant anymore”, the next thing you do is just to stay nude on Instagram just to be popular, its crazy for me, that what’s they call depression. We call that attention seekers…that means you don’t believe in your talent, you believe in your nakedness to make it out there, to give you that fame.
Nigerian actress, Anita Keyss
Do you think celebrities should live for their fans ?

I don’t think celebrities should live for their fans, its all about you doing what you feel you are comfortable with, it’s just about believing in yourself and you doing what you are comfortable with, in this world you can’t please people, so it’s about you pleasing yourself and doing what you feel yes this is good, I am comfortable with this am doing.  That is just it. Don’t live your life for anybody, live it for yourself.
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