Digital Imam: Any Religion That Is Not Preaching Peace In Not From God

The Imam of Apo legislative quarters Juma’at Mosque Abuja, Sheik Mohammed Nuru Khalid said any religion that is not Preaching Peace is not from God.

Nuru, who is popularly known as Digital Imam further said that any religion that is not guaranteeing freedom for Man and a religion that will not ensure eternal life is equally not from God.

Khalid is in Yola as a guest speaker of a workshop organized by the Lutheran Church of Christ in Nigeria and sponsored by Mission Afrika Denmark with a focus to digest issues on religious tolerance.

During the Stakeholders consultative Seminar Nuru while addressing Journalists said he stand, for one thing, peace, he works, for one thing, freedom, and the pursuit of one thing, eternal life as his Cardinal objective of why is living.

According to him, peace, freedom, and eternal life is the hallmark of any religion and When one put the three together one will have all he wants In a particular religion.

“That is why I’m working for peace, I’m in search of freedom and work for eternal life.” He said

Digital Imam said he has laid down his life and not afraid to stand for peace, freedom, and external life as there was no prophet that wasn’t attacked or faced with all forms of accusation at one point or another.

Reiterated that in life it’s good to have enemies, as they check balance you and they help in promoting your course.

“Many people don’t know me until when someone criticizes me, they will now ask who, how was that happened then they will get to know me.

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” But I bet you those criticizing me they are either enemies of humanity or enemies of religion or enemies of Nigeria,” Nuru said

He continued to say that the Yola workshop will help in bringing Muslims and Christians including other religions together as the program intended to come up with an action

He revealed that when you bring onboard people of a different faith (Religions) to work together you have solve the majority of the problem of Nigeria.

He said one of the reasons poverty, insurgency, and all forms of criminality are going unstoppable it’s because Muslims and Christians are facing the menace different, but he, however, said if the two religions can come together and fight all these social menaces (all forms of criminality) together they will succeed in stopping it.

“The insurgency is succeeding it’s because I’m seeing an attack in Christians is not an attack on me, so does the Christians look at it whenever a Muslim Brother is being attacked is none of their business.”

Khalid who talked extensively on the Islam Perspectives of Freedom of Religion or Belief (FORB) said that the meeting will end up arriving at an action plan for Northern Nigeria.

This is bearing in mind according to him that Adamawa is strategic, which is within the Savannah region that suppose to enjoy peace and be an example for other states in Northern Nigeria, a reason the program has to be in Yola.

In his opening speech,the Archbishop of Lutheran Church of Christ in Nigeria (LCCN), Most Rev Musa Panti Filibus, Ph.D., said one of the principles of freedom of religious practice is that We are all responsible to respect each other as human beings.

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Panti gave a little background of himself where he revealed how a Muslim foster Mother raised up him for seven years, a good training he received that he can never forget her role of nurturing him to where he is today.

Filibus made a passionate call to all and Sundry that they must seek to work together without which they cannot build a better country.

He said the job of Religion leaders is very critical of how they interpret their sermons to the followers.

According to him, to so many believers or followers reading the Bible does not matter to them but what the religious leaders said is what matters to them.

While expressing the Joy of having Sheik Nuru as one of the guest speakers, Panti said Nigeria is the only country they have and they must work together to salvage it.

“Let’s contribute to the process of redesigning Nigeria as a country. We are even in an era where children are thought to hate.” Panti said

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