“Sometimes, I think our lifestyle has become the victim of a “World of Kinkcraft” gamer mentality, where people just want to download a cheat sheet or a step-by-step walk-through. Many newcomers yearn to “learn the rules” of the lifestyle as quickly as possible, so they can get right to “winning the game.” These are relationships, people. Real business development service management relationships, involving real people with real feelings, living really complicated lives. If this was easy, everyone would be doing it. Stop looking for shortcuts and easy answers”.
Michael Makai.

Everyday of our lives, we wake up to meet with new realities as the heat of the pandemic keeps rising either from the European side, American territory, Asian side, Pacific, Africa or United Arab Emirate.

These unfortunate realities is increasingly demanding an un-precedented protocol for our hospitality business life, and a ” must do” new normal, in our amiable hospitality “ecosystem.”.
But, I know that the business spirit of every hotel owner and other stake holders is gingered continually towards beating the odds created by this pandemic called” Covid-19″.

Governments all over the world are legislating on ways to deal with this social anormaly created by this Covid-19. Various CDCs- centers for disease control around the world are establishing different health and hygiene protocols to resonate with our altered social and business life.

In a quote such as this;


To this end, all hotel owners have to articulate an alternative social business protocol standards which will capture what is elucidated below.

1. Supply chain protocol: Hospitality businesses will have to grapple with this supply chain issues with regrads to the people who form part of the processes that culminates into a consumable product or service. In the supply chain, you have various degrees of product and service contact; we need to place a scenario which should capture the fact that this pandemic may be around for a while.

This will enable hotel Management and owners to take critical precautionary measured in food and material handling.

At this point, material handling , food handling and other consumables handling templates should be in place before full scale operational activities will begin in the hospitality industry.

It is also obvious that the hospitality industry will certainly synchronise other government agencies local legislations along side our newly acquired industry proceeses and procedures.( I advise that blue prints should be structured on paper now).

2. Product and service protocol:
This aspect deals with critical measures of usage of raw materials, semi finished products, cold products, cooking and service methods of both aerated water, packaged drinks, Chapman, cocktails, tots amongst others.

The food and beverage section is therefore sadled with ensuring compliance to new service etiquettes; and to ensure pragmatic compliance observable by guest and customers respectively.
Other aspects of food and beverage production and service includes; “Rechaufeu” ( conversion of finished food to another) of convertible dishes and other cooking methods. However, we need to guarantee wholesomness of food and drinks as well as monitoring the required temperature for servicing products for consumption.

Service spaces and table arrangements, take away matetials and many more must be restructured to accommodate strict hygiene compliance.

3. Review of employee handbook: Some of the key reviews of our current employee handbook could include:
* Flexible working hours for certain categories of workers in the industry, hourly pay for work engagement to suit the exigencies of this present industrial revolution This will help to mitigate against unforseen occurances of Covid-19 or any other pestilence of future occurences in our work place.

Reviews should be able to answer questions of ” no work no pay or clauses of month end payment or prorated payments as the case may be. Which is all about managing your Human resources.

This is important because of concerns of litigations with regards to labour laws varying from countries to countries, state to state etc with regards to health challenges of bordering on workmen compensation should workers contract Covid-19 what law can be applied as captured in the hand book?
Matters regarding health status of employee and re- certification of health status of all workforce in the hotel, restaurant, both food handlers an complementary service workers, etc, must be reviewed going forward to capture current realities instigated by Covid-19.

4. Intra-personal Relationship Protocol:

Steven w. Porgews said, and I quote

“To switch effectively from defense to social engagement strategies, the nervous system must do two things: (1) assess risk, and (2) if the environment looks safe, inhibit the primitive defensive reactions to fight, flight or freeze.”

Hospitality is known to be a life style industry for the socially inclined and corporate organisations and groups that will frequently such sorphisticated life style services in our twenty first century world; those who work inside are no different.
Hospitality practitioners therefore, must be trained to be inclined to a certain way of life that forbides some unhealthy affiliations with the environment of living and social cautions in association.
As a result of this intra-personal relationship of hospitality workers with the outside world, daily protocols should capture temperature check on resumption and closing time.
In a quote:

“Life imposes things on you that you can’t control, but you still have the choice of how you’re going to live through this.” — Celine Dion

We therefore must assess our commitment to ensuring intra- industry adjustment to be able to align with current hospitality business realities. Welcome to the future we have consciously created!

Napoleon Mamman-
CEO, Napsman consulting-(08069145833)

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