Delegates Astonish With Jagaba’s Scorecard

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) delegates in the Southern part of Kaduna State are impressed with the unprecedented scorecard of Rt Hon Jagaba Adams Jagaba, a leading aspirant for the Senate race.

Jagaba is a three term House of Representatives member who represented Kachia/ Kagarko federal constituency in the national assembly and during his time, was able to secure employment with the federal government for over 300 youths spread across the eight local governments that made up Kaduna South Senatorial District.

But delegates of the area say Jagaba’s scorecard authored by sterling performances while in the House of Representatives is intimidating, stating that he is the most qualified person to represent Kaduna South in 2023.

Elanza News reports that Jagaba came close to clinching the ticket of the party in 2018 but in the dying minutes, some delegates were deceived that money would be given to them after the primaries which never came.

The same politicians who abandoned the delegates for three years, despite not fulfilling their promises, have returned again with different kinds of rhetoric.

Most of the delegates said they won’t be deceived this time around, insisting that with what Jagaba has done in the past, including facilitating jobs with the federal government for the Southern Kaduna youths outside his constituency shows he has proven his worth and capacity as a leader that should represent Southern Kaduna.

The delegates who asked Jagaba the kind of magic he did as a Reps member to have attracted over 300 jobs for the youths and physical infrastructure through constituency projects, said they believed that if he emerged Senator representing Kaduna South, the area will have an effective representation.

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Kaura LGA PDP Chairman, James Nji who described Jagaba Adams Jagaba as Senator in waiting, said he was shocked over what he saw in the Jagaba scorecard.

“We are proud of you, Nji informed Jagaba, adding that anyone who gave employment to one person has a multiplying effect.

“We are proud of him,” the PDP chairman said. “The person who gave jobs to over three hundred people has liberated a generation.

“These people you gave jobs to will also facilitate the employment of others. Jagaba was PDP secretary in Kaduna State. As a former party secretary, we will not keep you aside.

“We must continue to thank and appreciate Jagaba Adams Jagaba for not castigating other aspirants despite his outstanding scorecard.

“If Jagaba get the opportunity to be at the Senate, we know what he has done. We know him to be competent,” Nji said.

The PDP chairman in Jama’a LGA, Nathaniel Bawa, said when Jagaba was in the House of Representatives he performed well.

“When Jagaba Adams Jagaba was in the house of representatives, which magic was he using? If other people had done what Jagaba did, Southern Kaduna wouldn’t be like this. There will have been improvement,” Bawa said.

“Last time, you contested. We are happy because you did not behave like others. You did not give up. You also worked to ensure that we won. Jama’a LGA loves you. God almighty will ensure that you emerge as a candidate,” Bawa said while calling on the delegates not to be threatened and vote for people that can work for them adding that Jagaba has made his mark and will even do better at the red chamber if he emerges.

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Also, the Vice Chairman, PDP Jaba LGA, Yunana Tifato, said Jagaba did not only possess the quality of a lawmaker, added that his activities in the past have already prepared him for the Senate seat.

Also, the chairman elect, Jaba LGA Hon Philip Gwada, said he just wanted to hear Jagaba Adams Jagaba speak, adding that he was satisfied with the speech of Jagaba.

Gwada said of all the Senators, House of Representatives and the State House of Assembly members Southern Kaduna has had, said no one speaks like Jagaba.

“Jagaba has yearns. So, the delegates should vote for Jagaba. They have nothing to regret because you have seen what he did in the past. No one has worked for Jagaba Adams Jagaba and regretted it,” Gwada said, adding that among the politicians vying for the Senate seat, no one has done what Jagaba did in the green chamber, urging the delegates to vote for light which is Jagaba.

But Jagaba Adams Jagaba said that he will never abandon them because he started from the grassroots.

Elanza News reports that in a few days time, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) will be conducting a primary election for its Senatorial aspirants all over the country.

“The PDP performance has been declining in recent times especially in the Northern part of the country. Despite the fact that the party is loved by many, the 2023 general election is another opportunity for the party to put its house together and ensure that people with capacity are supported to be in positions.

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Primary elections are very strategic in every election year. It helps the electorates to mobilise themselves and vote for a good candidate in the general election.

So, fielding a candidate without capacity, a candidate people can’t trust, a candidate that though all of them have been given temporary has no affinity with the people at the grassroot will spell doom for the party.

Judging from the aspirants vying for the Senatorial Seat in Kaduna South, even clearance by the screening committee of the PDP, one aspirant stands out – Jagaba Adams Jagaba.

Jagaba has been a local government vice chairman, Chairman, Secretary of the PDP and a three term member of the House of Representatives.

Jagaba was not in this position by accident, he proved his worth. Jagaba connected with the mighty, the middle class and people from the grassroots.

The People of Southern Kaduna have already rated Jagaba as the best legislator Southern Kaduna has ever had.

One cannot just mention the numerous things that Jagaba has done not just to the people of Southern Kaduna but Kaduna State and Nigeria as a whole.

Jagaba only represented Kachia LGA and Kagarko LGA, a federal constituency; his impact was felt all over Southern Kaduna and influenced the employment of over 300 youths in federal government agencies.

The sharing of these slots by Jagaba were directed at youth who apparently don’t have anyone outside their communities to help them.

Jagaba ensure that he worked with people from the grassroots that identify these people and will do more and even relate with the delegates more of voted as Senator.

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