Dear PMB, How Dare You?

By Zainab Nasir Ahmad

Last week I wrote an open letter in Hausa language which is the most populous language in the country which I knew the president understands as well. I’m writing this article yet again with deep sense of sorrow and broken heart , I am angry, I’m scared and deeply pained, Things are just getting worst and no one care about our cries, The news of violent attacks and killings of both civilians and security personnel have become a daily and weekly trend in the North.
PMB how dare you?
I still remember one faithful Saturday March 2015 when we came out in crowd to vote the previous government out of power and voted for you, we congregate and forget all our pain and sorrows because we believed you are our hope, the messiah and savior that can save not only the north but the country in general , I always proudly said Buhari is the first politician I voted for because that was the time I reached the year to start voting as stated in the constitution but you failed my dream as a young girl who exercised her franchise for the first time as a citizen of the country . How dare you?
You are the most loved, most cherished and most trusted person among all the politicians in Nigeria , you have no record for embezzlement of public funds, no corruption or any indiscipline character when you served some decades back during the military era but you lost it all and failed yourself, it is sad to watch Nigerians loosing their trust in you., but it seems you don’t care about our trust again. How dare you let I die daily and recklessly? How dare you allow us to live in fear? How dare you please?
I hate the fact that I am the one saying these, I remember when I used to fight with people to defend you, a former colleague called to comment about the open letter I wrote last week, he said they are waiting for a day when I’ll drop from giving you absolute support and they believe the time is near, I said he will keep waiting because I am not ready to stop believing in you but it is disheartening that I’ll be going back on my words, you caused all these, how dare you ?

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The devastation felt by the mothers of the victims of Boko haram insurgency, bandits and kidnappings, the tears of parents waiting for their children to return home only to received the black phone call from kidnappers asking for ransom is unexplainable. The fear of everyone can be the next no family is safe is a mental disease that all northerners are suffering from.

Tackling insecurity internally and globally has remained one of the primary focus of many independent nations and international organizations in the modern world.

PMB must take decisions, if an end must be put to insecurity not only in northern Nigeria but throughout the federation. Political leadership at all levels must show strong commitment towards good governance and end the culture of corruption, ethnic bigotry. Also, there is a need for transparent and accountable leadership that will address effectively the problems of extreme poverty, unemployment, inequality, and poor quality of education threatening the growth and development of the country. Security agencies must be motivated to discharge their duties to the nation, through timely and proper funding in order to be ahead of security situations in any part of the country.

If only PMB is aware

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