Dear Baba (1),

By Mubarak Ibrahim

If you can’t #SecureNorth, you are no better than them! From 2015 to date, security situation has only exacerbated or changed from bad to worse here. If Boko Haram adopted confrontational tactics before, now they try guerilla warfare alongside their bandits and kidnappers brethren. So we are attacked from three different fronts instead of one (Boko Haram).

That Boko Haram could slaughter 43 innocent farmers yesterday; that kidnappers could take more than 50 people in Wurma last year; that Kaduna-Abuja deathtrap of a road is always attacked by kidnappers whenever they wish; that tens of villages in Kaduna, Sokoto, Zamfara and Katsina are never safe, your government is not different from Jonathan’s since you can only express your SHOCK at such incidents and no more!

Crimes of different sorts have risen and are threatening our basic existence. Nobody travels 200 kilometres in peace here in the north. Nobody walks around comfortably even in cities for fear of muggers and phone-snatchers. And, we all know that hunger begets crimes!

So, economically, this time is worse. Inflation, Naira’s depreciation in value and heavy tax increased by your government have made life almost unbearable to many. I wonder if your Economic Advisers are collecting their data from the field or just fabricating them in their offices. Indeed there’s no harder time to the poor voters!

However, Baba it is not yet late for you to turn things around. You could reshuffle your cabinet, sack security chiefs and give probational appointments to each one of their successors. Tell the world that you need result in the first 3 months of every appointment and the appointee is going should there be none!

Secondly, visit those ravaged places and offer your condolence with the people. Warn the poor performing governors and praise Zulum in order to encourage him. All these should be well publicised because security is a public affair. This would earn you an ounce of respect even among your hard critics! Be in control of your ship, Captain, to change the course history!

Mubarak Ibrahim Lawan

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