Crisis: Jukun Passes No Confidence Vote On Gov Darius

By Kwasu Joseph Alhamdu

The Apex sociocultural and political organisation of the Jukun people, Jukun Development Association of Nigeria (JDAN), has passed a vote of no confidence on the governor of Taraba State, Arch Darius Ishaku, for his inability to address the raging crisis between his kingsmen and some Tiv militia group ravaging the Southern part of the state.

The association said the vote of no confidence became imparrative following several failed effort made by the officials to get the attention of the governor to address the renewed worsening and protracted insecurity in the state, especially Southern Taraba where several hundreds have been killed, kidnapped and properties worth millions of naira destroyed ever since the governor assumed office five years.

Also, JDAN condemned the Governor for running away from his people who voted massively for him twice to become governor.

The association called on the governor to emulate his predecessor late governor Danbaba Suntai and visit Southern Taraba to see things for himself, insisting that if the governor failed, they will called him to resign or the Taraba State House of Assembly should commence immediate impeachment proceedings against him.

According to the group, while they are taking nesscessary steps to ensure that peace return to Taraba state especially in the Southern part, added that they are disappointed they voted someone not protecting and defending the image of the Jukun people.

In a statement issued after a meeting of the executives of the association and signed by it’s National President, Chief Bako Benjamin and General Secretary, Bulus Abe, the group said the vote of no confidence became necessary because the governor is missing from his duty post and has abandoned his people and the state for a very long time.

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JDAN National President, Chief Bako Benjamin

The association alleged that Jukun people saw their son, the governor in Southern Taraba last on 23 of February 2019 when he casted his vote and was decleared winner one year and two months ago.

“That was the last time Jukun people saw him despite unprecedented killings, kidnappings and destruction of properties that is still ongoing in Southern part of the state which is his homeland .

They observed the governor was even conspicuously absent when a first class Royal father Gara of Donga who played a pivotal role in his election and reelection died sometimes last year.

They said the vote of no confidence has become necessary in order to call the attention of the nation and the world to the carnage that is taking place in Jukun without government presence.

“Jukun people were doing very fine with their small subsistence economy and sleeping well with our eyes closed before the coming of this governor, ” the statement signed by the president, Bako said.

The association said even though Darius Ishaku is not a governor for the Jukun people alone, added that the seeming silence over the crisis ravaging his homeland and daily kidnappings ongoing in the state capital Jalingo the since he became governor was worrisome.

“His coming to power has not only empoverished the Jukun people, but has exposed us to ridicule as a people who are incapable of governing Taraba state well,” the association said while lamenting the rise in criminality in the state.

The association also said that Donga local government area has become the nation’s largest open air prison as its inhabitants cannot move one kilometer outside the town because of kidnappers and Tiv militias that capture and kill their captives daily.

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“Wukari and Takum is constantly under gun fire from some Tiv militia group to the extent that Jukun people are wondering if the Governor is not supporting the carnage against them. This is because he has been unable to provide security for the people,” the association said, wondering what the governor has done with almost N11 billion security vote from the federal government and borrowing an additional N86 billion naira since his assumssion to office five years ago.

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