Criminalize Criminality And Stop The Tribalism In Profiling Criminals

By James Patrick

Crime knows knows no tribe, no region, no race and no religion. Crime knows no tribe in Nigeria or anywhere in the world because, anybody from any tribe in Nigeria can be a criminal. Any individual from the two dominating religion here in Nigeria can be a criminal in respective of ether he or she is a clergy or an ordinary worshipper. A criminal is a criminal, it doesn’t matter through which ever angle we try to view it from. One shameful thing about the people from this part of our world is that we try to beautify and justify criminals by looking at them through the lenses of our tribe and religion.

Take for example, a Yoruba man would tend not to agree with an Hausa man calling another Yoruba leader who must have looted million from the public treasury a criminal. That Yoruba man sees the Hausa man calling his fellow Yoruba man who had stollen millions a criminal as an insult to the Yoruba tribe as a whole. Same thing with the Igbos. An Igbo man would not like someone else from other tribes to call his fellow Igbo man who has been prosecuted for many fraudulent act as a fraudster. He sees this as an Insult to his tribe or his kinsman, so he would do any thing within his power to protect and defend a criminal because the criminal belongs to his tribe. This is a very big problem in this country call Nigeria. We view issues of national importance from our ethnic point of view. Everything in this country, down to something as delicate as the national security of this country has been given an ethnic coloration. Today, rather than coming together to fight the insurgency and the insecurity that has almost destroyed the normal lives of the citizens of this great country, we allow ourselves to be divided by cheap politicization of trivial issues.

The number one mandate with which this Government was elected into power is to solve the insecurity situation in the country. Nigerian went out in mass to vote the APC led administration into power because we believed that they had what it takes to end the hight level of insecurity ravaging the Northern part of the country . We believed that they had the blueprint on how to restore the peace back to this country and put us in the trajectory of development. It’s so disheartening that today, we wish to go back to where we were before they came into power. Our lives were more secured then than now.

Governor Rotimi Akeredolu gave a seven days ultimatum to the Fulani herdsmen to vacate the forest in his dear state, while at the same time, a popular Hunter man called Sunday Igboho gave the fulani herdsman a seven days ultimatum to vacate the forest in Oyo state. This has caused a major uproar, from the presidency down to the miyyatti Allah cattle breeders association. There have been statement back and forth, condemning the move by the Ondo state government . Some said what the Governor’s decision is right and timely, while other claimed he has no right to evict law abiding Nigerian citizens from wherever they choose to stay. Personal I don’t blame the governor neither am I blaming the Sunday Igboho guy for their decisive action to curtail the nefarious activities of some terrorist elements disguising themselves as Fulani herdsman in their respective states. The bulk of the whole blame goes to the federal government who have deliberately refused to end insurgency in Nigerian for a reason best known to them. They have failed the people of Nigerian. The federal government can no longer guarantee the safety of any of its citizens, which has made people in the south west to result into self help by creating a security network known as Amotekun and this recent plan to evict Fulani herdsmen from the south west forest.

If the central government has been able to end the insurgency taking place all over the country, if they had nipped it in the bud earlier than now, we wouldn’t have gotten here today. Also, I think it’s hight time we should stop the ETHNIC PROFILING of this deadly terrorist groups that have besiege our Nation. Those killing, kidnapping and rustling in the forest all over the country, from north to south are not Fulani herdsmen – they are simply TERRORIST. These are not Fulani cattle rearer, nomadic farmers or cattle breeders. They are simply enemies of this country whose major agenda is to unleash mayhem on the innocent citizens of this great country. If there is one thing we most do in this country is to stop looking at national issues, like security, through the lens of ethnicity or religion. A terrorist is a terrorist and should be dealt with as such. A criminal is a criminal no matter the tribe he or she comes from and should be treated as such. We need to stop associating CRIMINALITY with tribes, this way, we would be able to profile this terrorist and deal with them decisively. Thanks you!

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