Creating And Sustaining New Hospitality Culture In Post COVID-19

Hospitality means primarily the creation of free space where the stranger can enter and become a friend instead of an enemy. Hospitality is not to change people, but to offer them space where change can take place. It is not to bring men and women over to our side, but to offer freedom not disturbed by dividing lines”.
Henri J.M. Nouwen

This quote is true giving where the hospitality industry has found itself unconscious. And we are expected to run with this Covid-19 disruption into the way we do hospitality business going forward.

As an industry, we are confronted with this situation that has come to test our business resolve and ingenuity. The novelity with which this type of pandemic is trying to circumvent our prowess is second to none.
But as a people with unequal resolve we shall conquer all the odds and show the invisible and visible world that there is no problem without a solution. Innate in us to navigate through every negative thing and become something better than where and what we are; largely depend on what we do with intelligent information presented to us by professional person’s as contained in several of my articles on Hospitality business navigation in a post Covid-19 business atmosphere.
I therefore challenge every hotel owner and Hospitality business practitioners to brace up and do the needful.

I have presented special articles on the expected new culture our industry is evolving into.

So, in this special episode, I will be simply be reviewing our previous topical articles and then posed them to you as a question and a conscious reminder to all hotel owners and practitioners alike.
Question 1. Have you done your Misenplace? ( Preparation before and after service)
Remember that we talked about four variables namely; people, product, service and environment.
We said that we have to overhaul this variables to prepare us for the next hospitality business environment. If your hotel haven’t done that yet, please quickly activate your responses and do revisit that article again.


2. Have you reviewed your hygiene and safety codes.
Remember that we talked about HACCP- hazard analysis and critical control point, and Hygiene code. Please if you haven’t done that, please revisit that article and fo the needful.

3. Have you or are you stimulating your hotel brand loyalty through corporate social responsibility? Remember that we emphasized on health and safety campaign in your local hotel environment, little palliatives for your community of doing business, jingles and social media campaign on Covid-19 amongst others. Please kindly revisit the article on that and do what will stimulate recoveries for your business.

4. Developing and Managing Operation protocols for the post Covid-19 business era. This question is pertinent to us and how we intend to navigate from our former operational protocols to the new normal posted on our business: supply chain protocol, intra-personal relationship protocol, food and beverage service protocols and possible review of your hotels employee handbook clauses, amongst other things. If your hotel haven’t done these things, do please get to review them as contained on the topical article I presented to you so you can RESTART on equal advantage with others.

5.Has your hotel engaged in; TRAINING AND MANAGING KEY STRATEGIC WORKFORCE FOR POST COVID-19 HOSPITALITY BUSINESS MODEL? Remember that e said you need to retain strategic and intelligent work force, train on the critical use of approved PPEs- personal protective equipments.), Creating service and production checklists for compliance etc.

The new hospitality will capture all of the aforementioned areas which of course is my articles has covered for your activation.

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Like I have always said: “The future which our world has consciously created has come upon us! So let’s start living it Now!?

Napoleon Mamman-
CEO Napsman Consulting ( Hospitality and he management Consultant. 08069145833)

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