COVID-19:CEO Of Elites Sports And Tourism Development Speak On Impact Of This Pandemic

By Musa Sunusi Ahmad

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Elites Sports and Tourism Development Akeola Lukumanu Ayinde in an open letter to stakholders of the Sports and tourism Industry outlines the impact of the coronavirus to the sports and tourism sector and also offer an advice to the best means out.

Below is the full message

The world as we know has taken a challenging turn on 30 January 2020, when the WHO declared the COVID-19 outbreak a public health emergency of international concern.

We anticipated that we would be affected as a sports and tourism firm but even more so as individuals, we were concerned for our families, friends, acquaintances, business partners all over the world.

The past few weeks, we have witnessed the spreading of an aggressive virus that has proven difficult for the medical corps around the world to understand and manage. Our thoughts go to everyone around the world as we are all affected by this crisis.

Over the past few weeks, I believe people have realized that the sports and tourism industry is a very fragile one; everything that happens locally and internationally can affects the industry we all depend on, that gives millions of people a job to do.

It is a sad moment for us to see the industry we cherish be brought to its knees; Olympics postponement, sports tournament cancels, borders closing, airlines and cruise companies shutting their operations, hotel partners announcing reduction of their activities.

The fast evolution of the situation makes it very difficult at this point for us in the sports and tourism sector to estimate and analyse the impact and damage to the industry and much less to plan the recovery of our industry. These sad days is fuelling our motivation as a stakeholders to work harder to make sure that our industry now critically incapacitated shines again when brighter days will come.

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Our short-term plan would be on the assumption that the situation does not deteriorate. If people are required to stay in confinement at home or if there is a globalwide fear, we will have to wait for these to pass before it can be executed.

we believe there are positive things that come out of everything even from crisis as this one, we now have the possibility to shift our marketing efforts locally and provide some supports to partners who are willing to tap into the staycation segment. We are looking forward to this new challenge!!!

I am grateful to the industry partners, as most of them have responded positively in all instances when contacted by our teams. 

My message to the industry and our partners is to remain strong in these trying times, encourage athletes, coaches not lose there dreams. So stay home and stay safe. Remember we are all in this together.

Akeola Lukumanu Ayinde

One thought on “COVID-19:CEO Of Elites Sports And Tourism Development Speak On Impact Of This Pandemic

  1. I really appreciate this undisputed words and admonitions from my honorable chairman who wants all means for Nigerians and its athletes to bear and stay save during this ravaging beyond controlled pandemic ongoing occurrency.Surely,you are fitted to be our leader.I also encourage my golden coach Kolawole Gabriel kingsley,the oyo state kickboxing coach and team oyo to stay save.Oyo state kickboxing captain Akanbi kehinde Akeem is urging his team mates to stay save and continue their training personally in their various destination.

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