Written by
Balema Denja Abdulrazak
SYNW Coordinator in Federal University Lokoja (FUL)

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” ~ Nelson mandela.

Let me begin this article by forecasting the future. I strongly believe that I won’t be far from the tree by saying in the nearest time to Post COVID-19 Era, many Nigeria students will be forced to give up their academic studies for financial reasons. This maybe as a cause of the Covid-19 emergency and lockdown that resulted in the loss of labour workers and problems with family incomes. 

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”. -Malcolm X

How prepared are we today for tomorrow ?

COVID-19 came to battle with us at exactly during the academic registration period in most higher institutions. Many parents by then was still finding it very difficult to afford their children school fees due to the unstable economic crises experienced withing the country.

This virus came to hit thousands of nigeria parents, guidance and students in the pocket and has severely affected the quality of their academic learning. Ever before this strange and deadly pandemic came to Nigeria, many Nigeria students ranging from colleges of education, polytechnics and universities have been finding it very difficult to meet up the rising costs of their academic pursue. Even when most students tries as much as possible to still engage themselves in part-time jobs. Yet they sometimes find it unpleasant and difficult to meet up the financial challenges ahead.

Many families have been in the continues struggles to pay the price, no matter how difficult it seems to be. And unfortunately enough, few other families who couldn’t meet up such ground will unremittingly have their children been dropped out from school, and few may peradventure end up becoming nuisance and problem to themselves, family and the country at large. Involving in all forms of criminal acts, prostitution, thuggery and many more. Who knows.

Today, there lies another phase of economic crash that befalls on us. Our economy have changed drastically over the course of COVID-19. Numerous job have been lost. They have also been an unfavorable increase in price of commodity across the nation. This have however lead to a number of families across the country struggling for their survival and someways left with a decision to choose whether or not the continuity of their children’s academic pursue.

What is democracy ? If democracy is been defined by great Lincoln as “the government of the people, by the people and for the people”. Now, Is democracy obtainable in Nigeria ? It will be an inherent unfairness to the poor and labour class citizen if the government couldn’t make provision for just one years free tuition fees to assist Nigerians parents who’s children is in school.

Today, I write as promising student of the federal Republic Of Nigeria to join the campaign for provision of just “one year free education” for all tertiary institutions. As it was constantly recited in students unionism anthem “Education must be free”. Perhaps we might probably not get such long free education we desire, but it should be ensure that a single year free education must be provided during Post COVID-19.

Finally we call on the attention of the President Federal Republic Of Nigeria, President Muhammedu Buhari, Minister of Education and all Commissioners of Education and the Governors across the 36 states to please come to our aid and rescue us from this unforeseen circumstances that lies before us as students of this great nation. We must all remember that Education is bedrock of any society. Therefore our government must do everything possible to protect and secure an everlasting, sustainable and productive education for us.

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